sweet ella sinclair

Meet quite frankly the sweetest family I have ever met.  ALL of my families are sweet, but this one was just too too sweet & FUNNY!

Sweet grandma was “omg, look at that…omg, come look at this pose…omg, she is an angel”…..I loved it!  Beautiful mom Haley + dad Bryan are a dynamic duo.  Lil Ella Sinclair is one lucky Princess.  The bug stayed asleep the entire time.  My first!  Most of my babes want to stay awake and admire the big lens in front of them…which I do not mind one bit, but having one ASLEEP the entire time made for an easy breezy session.

Anyway, I sure did enjoy getting to know mom for the first time and finding that we have mutual friends.  It sure is a small world after all.  So looking forward to getting to know her and her sweet family over the next year as I get to capture Ella Sinclair’s first year.  Such a treat!!



sweet expecting jill

Meet sweet expecting mom Jill!!

Is she not just the cutest preggers?  I am a little bias but it seems as though all of my moms.2.be are glowing!!  Jill was no exception.

Baby girl E was kicking as I had mom going up and down stairs and walking around the cool Factory in Franklin.  Such a great first session back from vacation!  Can’t wait to meet baby girl E and get to know this sweet family even more!!

Jill — Sure hope dad was pleasantly surprised with his first Father’s Day gift.  Photos of you during this amazing time I know will just melt his heart.  You’re breathtaking!

See you Soon!!  All my L.O.V.E. xo, SR