all for charlie and laney

Spent Sunday morning with one of my favorite families.  The Baltz family…well, Brooke is now a Nicholson and Mel is a Scott, but they will always be “baltz” girls to me.  You might remember new momma Brooke and her maternity photos.  She was stunning back then and glowing even more today.  And, boy oh boy does she love 3 month old Charlie bug!!  So very sweet the love between a momma and her son. {i should know I have 2 monkey boys!}.

Anyway, Brooke’s beautiful sister and her adorable daughter Laney came over to join in on the fun.  Sweet cousins, sweet sisters, precious family.

I had such a great time!!

See you pretty ladies + Charlie soon!

XO, Sara


stella is 6 months

You might remember this brown eyed girl if you have been following SRP for awhile now.  She was the Princess I photographed her baptism a few months back…sweet, sweet Stella.

We met at one of my favorite locations praying that the heat wouldn’t be too much.  Little did I know that rain was going to interrupt us about 20 minutes in!!  But it was quick and it cooled things down about 10 degrees.  Much needed.

I just adore this little girl.  Glad she was the first little bug to model on my new vintage chairs.  Thanks for being so stinking cute Stella and being a gem during the shoot.  Looking forward to see all of you in September!!

XO, Sara


sweet momma Sarah and her precious kiddos

Meet sweet Momma Sarah and her precious babies Gabe, Shelby & Jonah.

I know this super mom from long long ago.  So happy to spend the morning with her to find that not much has changed.  She is still beautiful, still strong and continues to love life.  Such a blessing these 3 munchkins are to her and how lucky they are to have such a wonderful mom.

We took a stroll around downtown Murfreesboro this past Saturday morning.  I am loving the small downtown feel the more I shoot down there.  There are so many interesting spots that most would walk right past not recognizing the coolness around them!  Way to go ‘Boro!

Gabe was shy for like 10 seconds and then he started to ham it up for the camera, Shelby was as sweet as pie and little buddy Jonah just laughed and laughed.  I have never seen such a happy little bug in my entire life.

I so enjoyed this session and I believe the family did too…..{even in this crazy Tennessee heat….way to go Kiddos!!}  hope to see ALL of you very soon.

XO, Sara


all because of love contest

fun, fun, fun……and a little different then all the other contests I have seen lately!!  Let the sweet images ROLL……

a few faq’s I am sure to be asked so why not get them out of the way now ::

1. how many can I submit — 1 image per family

2. does it have to be of my kiddos — absolutely not. i am wanting to see grandparents, parents, siblings, couples, new babies, friends, momma’s to be, new dads, animals….i could go on! what does laughter and love mean to you??

3. when will the contest begin — Monday, July 5th

4. where can I see the images — on my facebook fan page in the all because of love contest album starting July 5th.

5. do i have to be a “fan” to like the image — yes.

6. what does the winner receive — top secret, uber exciting, ridiculous deal.

7. should i tell everyone about this contest — um, yes!

8. should i really be a fan of sara e rose photography — um, yes sir buddy!

9. i see that a second winner will be chosen based on your favorite and most creative. how will you choose — um, the one that warms my heart or makes me laugh until i spit my coca-cola out. when either of those things happen…I will have chosen a winner.

10. does the image have to be taken by the person submitting the photo — not necessarily.  if you found an image in a stack of old photo’s at your grandma’s house that just represented laughter like nothing else in this world i know you didn’t take it, but the image belongs to you.  so, with that said…images would be great if they were taken by you, but make sure that they belong to you.  don’t submit someone else’s art if it’s not yours.


andrew is 18 months

Sweet baby boy Andrew.  He’s 18 months now!!  He is one of my first “babies” to photograph last year.  I just adore him, his momma and his baby brother.

I Love.Love.Love seeing my work hanging in clients homes!!  These pictures are of Andrew’s baby brother William {photos I took when he was 3 months old}.  I just adore how sweet mom Jess arranged them in his room!  Can’t wait to see what she does with this new set of big bro Andrews images!


pierce is 3 months

If you followed the old SRP blog then you might remember Pierce as a newborn.  He was and still is such a handsome boy!  Sure can’t believe he is now 3 months old.  He was just as happy as a bug and absolutely loved hearing his sweet momma speak.  He was making the sweetest sounds and just starting to laugh.  Love those moments!

Big sis Isabella {3 years} let me get a few shots of her while I was there.  The one below was one of my favorites.

Looking forward to meeting in September at a cool outdoor location!  Sweet momma Heather has a surprise for Miss Isabella and I am so excited that I will be there to capture it.

See you soon Thompson family!

XO, Sara


millar/day/webb/haglar bunch

Probably THE hardest post I have ever had to do.  Why?  Because, I had to narrow down photos so it wouldn’t SEEM ridiculous that I posted so many.  So, I narrowed it down, but if I had the choice I would post all.

This session was so much fun!  Got the Millar, Day, Webb + Haglar bunch together Saturday morning for some fun, not your typical family photo shoot.  We walked around downtown Murfreesboro, found some spots I never knew existed and traveled down the street to another location for some more fun.  Considering the heat and the amount of people in this bunch it went off without a hitch.

So, if you are thinking that a BIG ‘OLE family photo shoot isn’t for you, that it would be too stressful, the men wouldn’t enjoy it, the kiddos wouldn’t cooperate…then you are looking at the wrong blog.  IF you believe you can get the BIG ‘OLE family for a fun few hours to laugh, be silly, be sweet, be YOU then you have landed at your final destination!  I loved the challenge, I adored this family and am so completely happy with the results!!

Millar/Day/Webb/Haglar Bunch….might as well change it to the Millar/Day/Webb/Haglar/SARAROSE bunch. :) Good Times my friends.

XO, Sara


Fay Webb (the momma) - We are ALL so thrilled with these pictures and the fun we had doing them. Sara Rose was so patient with our bunch of personalities, and captured so many of them. What I really am excited about it all the love and joy that can be seen in these images. This is one talented, sweet, fun young woman and I am so thankful for the great job she did in the fastest two hours I have ever spent!