the sweet big ‘ole crocker family

Happy Monday!!!

Meet Mark, Debbie, Ashlie, Jason, Kate, Kyle, Rachel, Brad, Oliver, Brittany, Chris, Thomas, Leighton….and a soon to be baby in the belly of sweet Brittany!!  A big ‘ole happy family!

Thank goodness for over cast days in the middle of summer in Tennessee!!  We actually caught a break from the 100 degree weather and was able to enjoy 92 degree weather!! lol.

We met at a new location for me.  We enjoyed walking around, checking out new places and I enjoyed getting to know this family even more.  See, I have photographed sweet Rachel and Brittany’s families once before, but to have the WHOLE gang together for one big session was such a treat.  I was honored with laughter, rapping from Kyle and karate from the kiddos at the very end.

Having as much as we did during the middle of the summer I can only imagine the fun I would have with them in the fall!!  Hint, Hint Crocker family.  :)

Sure did enjoy my Saturday morning with each and everyone of you.  These big ‘ole family sessions make me feel like I am at the most entertaining, most fun family reunion I could ever attend.  I hope I am invited to more.

All my love, Sara


Debbie Crocker - Sara,

I enjoyed meeting you as well and you are welcome to attend any of our family gatherings anytime you want. I have showed our pictures to many friends and relatives and EVERYONE agrees that you do fabulous work! I hope to be sending some more people your way very soon for their own photo session! I can’t wait to see more of your work as our family grows in the upcoming year! I’m sure “Baby Jackson” will look precious in one of your newborn sessions. Thanks for your patience and for making this such a fun experience for ALL of our family! I can’t wait to get my pictures printed and hung in special spots throughout our home. You are extremely talented and I’m so glad that our paths have crossed and that I’ve been priviledged to get to know you.

sara - You just put a big smile on my face!! Thank you, Debbie!

brand new baby girl Aniston

Meet the beautiful newborn baby girl Aniston!!  You probably remember big sis Savannah….no one could forget those brown eyes!  I photographed beautiful mom when lil Aniston was growing strong in her belly.  If you look up at the slider she is the breathtaking momma to be in the yellow scarf!!

We met at their home and spent a little over an hour capturing this precious girl.  I love the connection between an older sibling and her brand new baby sister.  Savannah never was too far from her, holding her leg or whispering in her ear.  It was just so very sweet.

I look forward to getting to know this precious family over the next year and watching Aniston grow!!  It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

All my love, Sara


6 month old punkin carson

Yes, I had 3 – 6 month olds this weekend!!  I always joke that all these babies that I photograph are gonna end up married one day and their connection will have started back when SRP was photographing them. :) What a cool story to tell.  Well, it is to me.  lol

Sweet Carson is now 6 months old.  Sitting up really well, sticking her tongue out when she starts to giggle and smiles REALLY big when her momma comes into the room.  I don’t know what Megan was doing behind me half the time, but it kept her kiddos smiling from ear to ear.  Way to go Mom!

Such a sweet sweet family.  Looking forward to capturing their Christmas card photo next session.  Lots of blues and browns….my favorite!

Looking forward to it Precious Neumann family!  All my love, Sara


sweet William is 6 months old

Little brother William is now 6 months old!!  Geez.  All my babies are growing way too fast.  !!

You see these cute boys often on my blog.  I have photographed big brother Andrew {who is 18 months old} since he was 8 months and I have been photographing William since newborn.  They have become family.  And, their mom has become one of my dearest friends.  When Andrew starts talking a lot I bet he calls me Aunt Sara…no joke…they see me that much and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Little punkin isn’t sitting up just yet, but you know what that means… means that when I see him at 9 months we are gonna have one heck of a session.  I love love love capturing babies when they first start sitting up.  They grin from ear to ear, flap their arms up and down with excitement…I mean, it’s the beginning of independence for the little guys!

Sure do adore you White family!  Can’t wait to see you in the fall!!

All my love, Aunt Sara


sweet larson family

So, Madilyn is now 6 months old!!  Can you believe it?  This time I got to meet big brothers Eli and Luke.  Eli had just lost his front two teeth… stinkin cute!!  And, Luke wouldn’t let Woody go!!  I don’t blame him.  I am a big Toy Story fan too…..Nothing like Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, Hamm, Slinky Dog,  Mr/Mrs Potato Head, Bullseye….yeah, I am a fan! :)

Anyway, I had such a great time capturing Madi at this age…sitting up for a minute or so, laughing at the sound of her brothers, smiling really big when mom would come into the room and her big eyes when my camera would come really close to her face.  I enjoyed getting to know the independent Eli.  Who preferred to be called “Eli” and not big brother, bubba or punkin.  {sorry, it’s habit with my boys}  lol and getting to know Luke.  The little guy just turned 4 on Sunday.  You know the age where they really don’t want to take photos??  Yeah, well he didn’t for like 5 minutes then he was excited and smiling for my camera.  Such wonderful kiddos!!

Looking forward to the next session as it will be in the Fall and capturing their Christmas card photo!!!  Can’t believe it’s almost here.

Had a great time Larson family!!  See you soon.  All my love, Sara


AND, the winner is for the {all because of love} contest …

About a month ago I announced that I was going to hold a contest.  I wanted to do something different than all the other contests of cutest kid, etc so I decided to go with what I love most…photos that represent love and or laughter.  all because of love!  Over the two days that I accepted photographs I received 38 fantastic images.  I was so shocked and super excited!!  So, the photo album was put up on my facebook fan page on Monday, July 5th and the contest began!  After 7 full days, 773 LIKE’s and 263 new SRP fans we have a winner…..

Meet the sweet Womble Family.  With whom I photographed just weeks after this sweet girl was brought home to her new family from China last fall.

Here is the photographs story ::

“Most will see this photograph as a special moment shared between two subjects.  I see it as so much more.  Nine months ago we met this amazing little girl in a hot and steamy room in southern China.  She was the daughter of our hearts long before that moment but we officially became her family on that day.  For months we showered her with affection, even on the difficult days, and waited for her love to come full circle.  It took a while but slowly she began to open the door of her heart to those of us who waited patiently to enter.  This photograph is the culmination of answered prayers and unconditional love all rolled up into one spontaneous kiss.  Many have asked us why we went all the way to China for our third child.  The answer is quite simple.  It was all because of love.”

Congratulations Womble Family!!  See you soon!!  All my love, Sara

P.S. — Second winner will be announced later today.:)


charlie, heather + soon to be carter

Oh, how I love me some momma’s to be.  !!

Meet the beautiful Heather, her sweet hubby Charlie and their soon to be son Carter.  Such a fun session.  We started out at their home got some beautiful {shots that will not be shown here}, but out of this world shots that Heather & Charlie will cherish forever.  After we got done with those Heather proved that once a trendy woman …always a trendy woman.  I love that!  We headed downtown Franklin to the Carter house sign which I thought was such a clever idea thought up by Jamie {Heather’s bestie and mine also….}!  Then we headed to the Factory.  Such cool areas to be used as fabulous back drops in that place!

Probably one of my favorite sessions so far!!  Can’t wait to meet precious Carter and capture his first year in this world!!

See you soon sweet Pray family!!  All my love, Sara