Love begins at home

Words escape me as I go to write this little blog for this sweet little family, but if you could touch my heart, you’d know what I would love to say.

I’ve been doing this for over 7 years and I still can’t get over the feeling of real vulnerable love when you walk into a families home. I have been to over a 100 homes and it’s still my favorite sessions ever. This is your story, guys. Thank you for letting me capture it.

Meet baby Owen and just 16 months older, big sis Iris Leigh. Their Newfoundland, Moose, is my buddy. Thankful for a sweet little morning capturing a sweet little family.

Love, SR


Leigh - Love!!!! Babies and dogs melt my heart every time!

what matters to you

“It’s finding peace and joy and a calmness in your life that will soon become the most important thing to you. Your family are what matters to you, love is what matters to you.”

This family matters to me. Every January and every August I get to capture their life. What a gift they give me!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with the ones that matter most.

Love, SR


longest post ever

I kept hinting around last year that I was going to blog the “longest post ever”. My heart, at the time, thought that I needed to sit down and write out all the things that happened in 2016. I am not sure why I thought this space was the best place for all of that. But, the more I keep welcoming a brand new day in this brand new year, the more I realize all of those words both hard and true and beautiful and authentic may need to be presented in a different way. On a different day perhaps.

So, I guess what the longest post shall be….shall be one of my favorite families who have seen both awesome and hard days (like you and me). Who smile through the tears and give me so much joy that truly the only way I can repay them for that gift is by capturing their life the way I see it. And, handing it all back to them with so many photos. SO MANY. What does one do with, you may ask? They print them. They make books out of them. And, they cherish them FOREVER. That’s what they do. That’s what this sweet family does! Bringing HOPE, JOY, and MEMORIES to their walls.

We had the VERY best morning on a mild January day. JANUARY, y’all. No one shoots outside in January. And, if they do, the session is surely not going to be their favorite. Well, I beg to differ. I think the “off” months are some of my favorites. Truly.

First shoot of the year involved snow and snuggles at home. Second shoot involved warmth and snuggles outside. I am thankful.for.this.year already. And, it’s only January 17th!

This is what love looks like to me.

Love, SR

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Seasons will be changing

Really looking forward to a wonderful SPRING of capturing LIFE, LOVE, and HAPPINESS!! Hope you will help me by spreading the word…..

On February 17th I will open up booking for April, May, and June. Will have availability during the week day mornings, limited Saturday, and closed on Sunday. New clients are WELCOME.

How to book? EMAIL ME : or click up on the “contact me” form.

Seasons will be changing soon my sweet friends!

Love, SR


Kristi Wood - Sara,

My sister and her family will be in town the Saturday, June 3rd from Ohio. We would love to do pictures together for a gift for our parents. After nine years of infertility my sister and brother-in-law have be blessed with beautiful twin girls so we have a ton to celebrate. My sister Beth asked me to contact you because there is no one else we would rather have do this than you.


Joy, Hope, Healing

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. – said by someone awesome

JOY. I love looking back on such wonderful times with my guys. All the many times with ice cream on our face (it’s tradition….). Playing in the ocean or at my dads pool. At my in laws farm where the kids can just be kids. On the rare date night with my guy. Tuesday’s with my grandma. Our sweet max. Adventures with our close friends. Dinner with my sisters and the ridiculous selfies we have taken afterwards.

HOPE. Scripture. Sermon notes after a wonderful message at Providence. A new book that’s lifting me up. Walking by the waters edge. Capturing beauty that only God could create. Sunrises + Sunsets.

HEALING. Do you ever feel when you’re in the middle of hard stuff, you can’t feel the good stuff. You can’t feel the healing? I can look back on our 2016 album and see where life got down right HARD, but how we slowly started to heal. I can see the smiles return. I can feel hope in the pages. Do you ever feel like the trenches of parenting were never ending? I can look back and see when parenting was tough, but I also see the JOY when something clicked and we got back on track.

This is just part of why I take so many photos. But, I think the JOY, HOPE, and HEALING part would only be temporary if I didn’t print them to look back on (when I needed them most). I love to write, but I don’t write journals to my boys. I write personal journals about my walk in faith. So, my capture life albums are my way of journaling our life for them to cherish forever. Our life is not perfect, but this life is a gift. Holding onto that “return ticket to a moment otherwise gone” is a treasure.

January is a GOOD time to start. At the end of this month, print your photos from January. Make it a monthly habit and by the end of this year you will have a years worth of memories that will mean more to you than that $30 sweater you bought this week. I can promise you that.

Love, SR

—-> here’s the original post that shares more about the albums (CLICK HERE)


magic of beginnings

And suddenly you know its time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings – meister eckhart

It’s 2017. A brand new year. A clean slate. What will you do with this one most precious life? Heavy question, isn’t it? It’s easy to speak but sometimes hard to DO. I declared this year : #nofearnewyear. And, guess what? I have had to stand by that statement so many times already and it’s only the 10th of January. Goodness gracious. Jesus take the wheel. No, seriously. I asked Him to take the wheel last Friday. My first shoot of the year was going to be with a brand new family. A family that wrote me the sweetest message before booking and I immediately knew…they were going to be a blessing to me.

I don’t love driving in snow. Especially snow that has ice beneath it. But, I do love meeting new families. Especially ones like this one. Ones that immediately hug you when you walk in the door. Ones whose littles sweetly giggle at you because you brought snow in their home. Families that are up for playing in the snow, because it will make warming up with snuggles on the couch that much better. Families that open their hearts right open and share it with you so you can capture it all for them.

It was all worth it. The drive. The anxiety that rose up in my heart as I navigated through the ice and asked God to calm my heart, Lord. Please calm my heart and get me there safely. He did. He got me there. He helped me capture this sweet family and be all there. He also got me home.

2017. Let’s get this party started. Can’t wait to meet y’all this year and capture YOUR LIFE. Wherever you are, I’ll meet you there.

Love, SR


Chelsea Smith - this thrills me to no end. i love seeing these sweet pictures liz’s family. and SNOW! how perfect.

Alli - This is amazing!! What beautiful photos!

Shelia Swab - Such beautiful photos of a beautiful family!

Part of my heart finale

I’ve always said I would steer this business ship with my heart. What I didn’t realize in the beginning was what that declaration would truly mean years down the road. But, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. But, I hoped it would be WORTH IT. It has been. Hope it always will be.

2016 was the year of meeting families right where they were. The joy-filled times, long awaited pregnancies, beautiful adoptions, the sleepless nights, after divorce, before + after scary diagnoses. You brought your babies home and we sat in the nursery and just talked about it all. We’d gather together again 3 months later and we’d talk about returning back to work. 6 months later life was getting a little easier….9 months were the best and 1 year! “How is my baby one year old?!”, you’d say. And, I’d respond with, “How do I have a TEN YEAR OLD!” I’ll never forget the laughter, tears and the stories shared.

I met you at the park, by the water, downtown, at the hospital, on the farm, and in your most sacred place…HOME. You’d jump out of your car or open your door with the most beautiful embrace that I’d carry with me for a long time.

I’m so grateful for you all. You brought me great JOY. With many others you could call upon to capture your life, you called me. I’ll never take that for granted.

Waving goodbye to last year and walking in complete faith of 2017!


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