Open for booking

Happy Friday, Y’all!

Just like that, April-June are open to book!! And, it’s going to be another wonderful FriYAY that starts out chilly but quickly rising 30+ degrees to the glorious sunny 70’s! Winter wasn’t so bad, eh? Hoping that means spring is spectacular and summer is stupendous!

The boys and I spent the day yesterday traveling around our city, hopping from one cool mural to another and ending at a super cute candy shop. Already looking forward to doing that with a family. Capturing YOUR life while YOU play. Always my favorite kinds of shoots.

So, here we are, my friends. Booking for April, May + June open this morning. Mornings are open, sunsets by the lake or downtown Nashville are open, a few Saturdays are open and Sundays (as always) are to fill my soul with the Good news + rest the body day.

Hope to hear from old friends and meet some new ones, too!

Love, SR

ps HOW TO BOOK — Click on the contact form above! It will come right to me. Please be patient with a response!


Amanda Tomlin - Hi Sara! I would love to book a family session with you! Open to April or May if you have a Saturday morning available. Lake or city would be wonderful!!

michael christopher brand new

Happy Love day, my friends. My true wish is that you feel love every single day and not just on the day that has a heart beside it in your calendar. It’s a gift. A beautiful gift.

I met this sweet family a few summers ago on a very hot day. But, in that short time, I learned really quickly they’d become a family I would hope to see again and again. So, when mom contacted me that she was expecting early 2017, I was already looking forward to the time spent capturing their life as baby (who make 4) grows.

We laughed and cried. I do that a lot with my moms it seems. We experience “all the feels”, don’t we? Nothing like it in the world.

Love begins at home with the people right in front of you. What a special home this is filled with truly precious souls.

See you guys in 6 months!!

Love, Sara


sutton at 6 months

When I blogged Sutton’s newborn session I wrote : “This is one of my favorite sessions, friends. It was so sweet and pure and simple and perfect.” Guess what? I am going to say the same for her 6 month shoot. I love when I can walk into a home and just capture their sweet precious life together.  More of these, please!

Looking ahead to the end of this week, I am really excited about opening up the next season for booking! If you would like to know more, go here!

Wishing you all a beautiful week of LOVE. Love begins at home. Don’t forget that!

Love, Sara


my heart personal

I woke up this morning to one of my favorite posts from Shea. I haven’t shared much about her here because I just wasn’t ready. She was a dear precious soul. An amazing wife, wonderful new mom, great big sister, daughter, friend, photographer….I could go on. Truly. She was the very best of us. And, although I could write an entire book about her, I am going to direct you to her blog. Where SHE was brave and real and silly and wonderful. Where she shared her beautiful photography with the world. Where she shared her diagnosis with the world. A place where she wrote about the really hard stuff and her journey with Cancer.

On a warm sunny day last year, we sat on the patio at Chuy’s and talked about this life and how it’s truly terminal. How her diagnosis made her look at everything with fresh eyes. Things didn’t matter liked they used to. And, she prayed that once she beat it, she’d feel the same way. I loved talking about Jesus with her. How He came rushing into our hearts picking through every piece and ridding it of whatever broke His.

And, how my heart broke on that day she was called Home, August 25th of last year. Broke in a way I really didn’t know how to handle. I was so sad, hurt, angry, confused. I had a dear friend send me a beautiful poem and I just feel really convicted to share it with all of you today (It’s below). Maybe you’re going through some really hard stuff. Maybe it’s coming. I can tell you that I sat at dinner with my 3 dear friends last January and shared before I knew of Shea’s diagnosis that “I just really feel like God is preparing me for a hard year”. One week later I heard about Shea’s diagnosis. So much other hard stuff happened in 2016 that I cried to our pastor last fall that I was done. I really needed all the hard stuff to stop. I cried out to God all of the time. But, through all the valleys, I could still see the mountains. There was so much wonderful stuff happening to, that I couldn’t forget to cry out to God with sincere thankfulness. He is the God who gives and takes away.

‘Some days, the hardest days, it feels like the ugliness of the world will surely drown us. As the waves of grief, sadness, disbelief and anger crash over our heads so very quickly it is only natural to try and fight our way to the surface. It is human to be so painfully overwhelmed that we think, surely, we will never again breathe the sweet air of God’s peace. But. Even still. He is with us. In the hurt. In the questions. In the anger. When everything in you says run away, He says rest. Rest in ME.’ I pray this for you today my sister. That you could learn to float on days when the sea is just too rough for swimming. And so, my prayer for you is quite simple: float on.

I did float on. And, over time I have found my way back out into the sea of hope where I learned to swim again. Life will happen and sorrow may come. When it does, I know I will meet Jesus there, too. Shea taught me Psalm 90.12, Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom. So, every day I open my eyes, I thank God. Tomorrow could look very different than it does right now. So, I treasure it. I treasure them. For all the days of my life.

Love, Sara


Kristi - Wow, just wow. Thank you Sweet Sara. I needed that post. I will float on. ❤️

Jill - Beautiful, Sara. Love you!

This new season to come

It’s going to be a glorious 60 degree sunny afternoon here in middle Tennessee! Makes me so excited about the new seasons that are well on the way. If you haven’t heard, April, May, June booking OPENS next Friday, February 17th! I have had a few questions about which Saturdays I will be working, so I wanted to go ahead and get that out in the know so you can plan!

During the week, I will be available in the morning to lunch time and booking one sunset in the Mt Juliet/Downtown Nashville area during the week. The Saturdays I plan to work will be available for up to 3 shoots only. I don’t book times until closer to your session date. Sundays are not available. Weekday mornings are definitely more flexible for us to figure out the best location (at home sessions are wonderful during this time!). Sunsets are perfect by the lake or downtown by the skyline! Saturdays will be set to one on location spot for all clients to meet me.

APRIL – Saturdays (1st, 8th, 15th)
MAY – Saturdays (6th, 27th)
JUNE – Saturdays (3rd, 10th)

If you have any questions about my session offerings, please do not hesitate to reach out to me prior to next Friday! I look forward to meeting you and capturing YOUR LIFE in this new season to come.

Love, SR


baby john

Some of my most favorite sessions are when husband + wife become mom + dad. It’s such a sweet, pure and crazy time. You wait and wait and wait after the nursery is complete. You probably walk past it and smile more than you realize. You can’t even begin to understand what life will be like. You can’t even begin to know what your heart will feel. This is why I love lifestyle newborn sessions at your home. Because, that’s where it all begins.

I loved meeting this sweet crew last week. Chappy and Penny were quick to become my buddies. And, I was so happy “G” came to help. (G stands for grandma!). What a beautiful time we had in their home with a red door. Can’t wait to see little John in 6 months! Don’t grow too fast, buddy.

Love, SR

ps April, May, June booking opens next Friday, February 17th — > more info here


6 months of happy

6 months of happy. That’s what this little ball of sunshine is filled with. If y’all remember Michelle’s brave and beautiful story shared on the maternity photos blog, these should make you smile really big. I like to call them stories that go in my “God did THAT” box. Michelle wrote last summer : “Everyone has a story. They’re all different. That’s what makes our own journeys so special. Nothing God allows you to go through is pointless. It might be hard. It might seem hopeless. It might be full of hurt and heartache, but He promises to work things for your good and His glory – in His time. If you need someone to give you encouragement and strength today, let me. There is a plan. A plan of redemption. A plan saturated with hope. And a plan full of little girl dreams and desires that are to be realized. I just know it.”

Michelle has quickly become one of my dearest sisters in Christ. And, every time I walk away from spending time with them capturing their life, I leave wanting to see her more. Matt is an added bonus with his sweet, kind and funny soul. And, Daphne….she’s a little peanut with the biggest eyes and a smile that will forever light up a room. I love those kinds of smiles.

I love “God did THAT!!” stories. I really love sitting on the sidelines knowing that His plan is far greater.  And, believe me when I say….I’m sitting on those sidelines with the biggest poster that says “I’m so proud of you, girl!” and cheering you on every step of the way.  Our God is an awesome God. Proof is in your stories. Proof is in the pictures….

Love, SR