Part of my heart finale

I’ve always said I would steer this business ship with my heart. What I didn’t realize in the beginning was what that declaration would truly mean years down the road. But, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. But, I hoped it would be WORTH IT. It has been. Hope it always will be.

2016 was the year of meeting families right where they were. The joy-filled times, long awaited pregnancies, beautiful adoptions, the sleepless nights, after divorce, before + after scary diagnoses. You brought your babies home and we sat in the nursery and just talked about it all. We’d gather together again 3 months later and we’d talk about returning back to work. 6 months later life was getting a little easier….9 months were the best and 1 year! “How is my baby one year old?!”, you’d say. And, I’d respond with, “How do I have a TEN YEAR OLD!” I’ll never forget the laughter, tears and the stories shared.

I met you at the park, by the water, downtown, at the hospital, on the farm, and in your most sacred place…HOME. You’d jump out of your car or open your door with the most beautiful embrace that I’d carry with me for a long time.

I’m so grateful for you all. You brought me great JOY. With many others you could call upon to capture your life, you called me. I’ll never take that for granted.

Waving goodbye to last year and walking in complete faith of 2017!


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sweet canaan at 6 months

As I was preparing the blog to wrap up the “Part of My Heart” series, I came across this sweet guys gallery. It brought me so much joy to relive that sweet sunset with them and I decided sharing one or two of my favorites from the shoot just wasn’t going to be good enough! Give me a family that just wants to love on their baby, a nice day, and a sunset with the most beautiful light….my day is made. Coming out of the “Christmas card” season can sometimes leave me uninspired and ready for some downtime. But, something about this last season surprised me in ways I just wasn’t expecting. I love the perfect family photo like everyone, but what is perfect to some probably looks different to others. Photos that are ‘perfect’ to me bring : JOY, HOPE, and in some cases…HEALING. I want to share more on that, but for now I just want to share one of my favorite families with their favorite boy.

They are a precious family and I am so grateful to watch them grow as their little guy grows! What a gift they have given me.

Hope everyone is having a good New Year so far!



Happy New Year

Really looking forward to a wonderful New Year of capturing LIFE, LOVE, and HAPPINESS!! Hope you will help me by spreading the word…..

On January 2nd I will open up booking for January, February, and March. Will have availability during the week day mornings, limited Saturday, and closed on Sunday. New clients are WELCOME.

How to book? EMAIL ME : or click up on the “contact me” form.

Happy New Year, my sweet friends!



part of my heart part three

This beautiful set brings up a lot of emotion for me. And, although I am still not ready to write the longest post ever, I wanted to get part three shared today! What a joy these sweet families brought to my heart this season. Lots of new faces in this group and some dear ones who have been with me for a long, long time! THREE of my favorites shared the exciting news of growing their family. Sometimes I am the first to know outside of their immediate family, and guys….that’s a beautiful secret to hold close to my heart!

I am shutting down for the rest of the weekend to celebrate my biggest boy turning TEN! Wishing you all a wonderful time with the ones you love the most. This life is a gift. Don’t forget that!

If you missed part one…go HERE. If you missed part two….go HERE.


ps BOOKING for 2017 (jan-mar) begins JANUARY 2nd!



Part of my heart part two

Hope you got to check out PART ONE of the year-end series, “Part of my heart”. If not, check it out here! I realized I had a lot to catch up on, so instead of sharing the longest post ever…I wanted to break them up and share a little from my heart in each one.

The year that fall lasted forever. That’s what 2016 has been for me. The leaves lasted so long and when they peeked, they were the brightest I had ever seen in the 7+ years of shooting. My last outdoor December shoot downtown was covered in red maple leaves. Can’t wait to share that one soon. But, we are still hanging out and sharing some fun October shoots!

The weather was crazy beautiful with a mix of some really warm days that I LOVED. It’s been so fun looking back! Even more fun when I open the mailbox and we have a handful of Christmas cards with images from these sessions. Makes me super happy and thankful!

Hope you enjoy these sweet faces! Part THREE will be up soon! Stay tuned…..


ps BOOKING for 2017 (jan-mar) begins JANUARY 2nd!



Place in my heart part one

As I sat down and wrote down each clients name for my year-end review I realized this was going to have to be a four part series! So much to share with you guys. So much to write! But, I think I am waiting for the long-all-the-words-and-emotions-too-much-for-today blog post to come much later. Maybe right before the brand new year.

I always love these posts because I do love looking back and thinking about my time with each one of these precious families. Some have been with me since the VERY beginning. And, some are brand new. I talked to a sweet new mom-to-be yesterday and I could hear it in her voice just how excited she is to start this new journey. Baby’s first year clients will always have my heart. Especially the ones that I have had the honor of capturing two or three baby’s first year for their family! You go through some really exciting events in a families life when you see them so often. But, you also stand beside them when life isn’t easy. They have done the same for me. And, I am grateful. I’ve always said that if this job ever became something other than from the heart, I’d move on. So every time I thought God was sending me in a different direction, He’d move me right back behind the camera and surrounded me with this beautiful life to capture. So you can cherish it forever. It’s work that I carry with me every single day.

I love you guys. Each and every single one of you hold a special place in my heart.

Here’s to LOVE. Here’s to marriage. Here’s to new babies. Here’s to adoptions. Here’s to new beginnings. Here’s to the laughter. Here’s to the tears. Here’s to the good times. Here’s to the bad times. Here’s to the sunsets. Here’s to the sunrises. Here’s to holding onto this one precious life and being grateful for it more often than not.

Here’s to capturing laughter and life….all because of LOVE. Hope you guys enjoy PART ONE! Part TWO coming soon…..


ps BOOKING FOR 2017 (jan-mar) begins JANUARY 2nd!



Kelly - Beautiful and full of love as always! Great job girl! We ADORED our pics this year!!!

a little bit of magic

I have a book to write as I sit down at my desk for the first time completely caught up with work. But, the long blog post is going to come later. After I wrap up my last shoot of 2016, I hope to do a year end review and share all.the.things. About how life threw the lowest of lows at me this year. But, how Jesus put His loving arms around all of that sorrow and I got to experience the highest of highs. It’s been a year I will never ever forget.

So, as I sit here and think about my cute brown eyed boy turning TEN next week and that Christmas is coming so soon, I smile through the tears. As I sit here and think about how precious this one life is, I’m choosing to let 2017 come when 2017 comes. Instead of opening up my new planner and jotting down scheduled shoots, I am keeping it closed until January 2nd. So, if you were wondering why I haven’t said much about booking, this is why. I love you guys and appreciate you all so much. And, I hope to see every single one of you NEXT YEAR.

Wishing you a MERRY CHRISTMAS, my incredible friends. Love hard and true.

With so much love and gratitude.

In Him, SR

“She saw the world, not always as it was, but as it could be….with perhaps a little bit of magic!” – Cinderella // no blog is complete without photos. sharing a fun 15 min, side of the road at a tree stand, time with my two big boys!