Notes from Jess

I dreamed my entire life of having a family. Of having little girls. I always knew I’d be head over heels for them but little did I know how endless that love would truly be. A love deeper than I could ever imagine. A love that grows stronger every day. A love that fills our hearts to the fullest. And Sara, you never fail to capture it: the sweet LOVE that binds our little family of four. For that we are blessed.

It is not always easy having little ones, being a parent, or balancing life in this crazy busy world. But we do try to make the most of every day. To live every day to fullest. And to keep our days as full of happiness, smiles, and laughter as we can. From babies’ first smiles to toddler giggles, you have been there for so much of the LAUGHTER through the years, and never fail to capture the perfect moments of the two sweetest smiles we will ever know. For that we are forever grateful.

You never really understand how fast it truly goes until you have kids of your own. I can’t even keep count of how many times I have wished that time could just slow down. Oh how we love these moments with our little ones and of all the stages they’ve gone through. From holding our two girls for the first time, to beginning to sit, to learning to crawl and walk, to becoming little girls who love to sing, dance, and play, Sara, you’ve been there through it all. And you’ve captured so many of the MILESTONES that go by in the blink of an eye but we hope to hold on to for forever. For that we thank you.

All of the LOVE. All of the LAUGHTER. All of the MILESTONES. Many of our favorite moments captured in photo. Many of our best MEMORIES saved forever. Sara, we are blessed to have you in our families’ life, are forever grateful for each and every session we have had will continue to have with you, and simply thank you for being a part of us and for being you!


Note from Amy

Thank you for including me in the blog post. I feel like I could write a million words about you and your time with my family, but really all I need to say is “Thank You.” In a world where there is so much hustle and bustle, you seem to “set the circus down” for an hour or so each time you are here. From almost being rained out, to having a fussy baby, to having a friend stop by, you managed it all so well and with such grace.
I find my phone full of candid shots of my boys, but not a single one of me and the boys. That is why this picture of the four of us is so special to me. I envision this picture framed by my bedside forever and when I am old and grey, I hope my boys look at it and think of all the fun they had at this age. They will have no clue what all went into getting them all dressed and behaving:)

I also love the picture of the three of them together because I think it accurately depicts each of their personalities perfectly. James is free-spirited, Harrison is being the rigid, over-attentive older brother and Mac…well he is just holding on for dear life! I love this picture and love that is has all of my boys just being themselves.

I love the family photo for just that…it is a family photo….no hoops to jump through, no balloons or crazy backgrounds…just us….in our yard, our most favorite place and where a lot of good times have been had and there will be many more memories to make I am sure.

I added this picture of the boys running to me…because, really, I feel like even though I am dressed up and their hair is combed and there is no slime on their clothes, it still captured what we do each day….play and have fun. I feel that they are always grabbing up to me:) wether it be for food, guidance, money…whatever-I love that they run to me… and poor Kent is just standing back in the background….he is always behind the scenes and never gets enough credit! that is all I need in life…for them to love me and want to be with me. I know that sounds cliche, but after long days at work and stressful situations, we love to go outside and play and deep down that is when Kent and I am the happiest..just watching them be boys…and I feel that no matter what is going on in the world, as long as they know we here for them and that they can run to us….we are good.

And of course, I included James picture on hole #5. This is where it all started for me and you and our friendship. Without getting too emotional, I remember having booked you for James’ newborn session having never met you. I then I cancelled you because I was scared to death to bring my baby home and honestly, didn’t want anyone to see us at that time. We were keeping everything bottled in and scared to even come out of the house. I have no clue when I rescheduled you, or if I even did…or if you just showed up….I just remember crying when I introduced you to James and you sat at my kitchen table and drank a cup of coffee. You listened to me ramble on and on about the “hows and whys” of what just happened. At some point you took Harrison up to hole #2 and took the most precious picture of him that I will cherish that forever…he had been totally pushed aside during all the chaos of his little brother. He was so happy to just have someone to play with him. And then somehow, because you are a great photographer and a mom of boys, you managed to talk me into taking some pictures with James. You told me that I would regret it if I didn’t….I don’t think I was even dressed to take pictures…and now I wouldn’t trade those newborn pictures for anything in this world. Somedays when I get bummed out or get a bad report or just get scared for James’ future, I can look at those pictures and then look at the picture of him on hole #5…5 years of prayers, love, research, time and just letting him be him…and this is the shot you got….it is perfect. He is happy, care-free, smiling for ear to “BIG new ear” and I just look at him and it puts everything in perspective and makes every thing ok…

Well, that went on forever…I am sorry to just ramble….I am not even going to edit what I wrote, because honestly, I just needed to write some of that. Whew! I hope you have enjoyed being with us these past 5 years as much as we have enjoyed getting to know you. You are the only photographer that Kent has ever taken off work for….by the way!

We love you and your work…and look forward to seeing you again in the fall.



emma is one

When your baby, the true BABY of the family turns ONE…you let her shine! 99% of my shoots are all about the entire family (which I LOVE), but can I admit this morning that I think sometimes it’s good to just let your baby have their day. Let them have their own shoot, even if it’s a mini one, to be the star.

I absolutely loved meeting this sweet little baby sister of two of my favorites. One year flies, doesn’t it? Happy 1st birthday (soon), Emma! You brought me so much joy last week.

Love, SR



I love to tell stories when I share my sweet friends and their beautiful sessions, but just for today….I am going to sum it up quickly.

Treasures. These photos and this family. Treasures. Celebrating the beautiful Shelby Mae at 8 months.

Love, SR


happy spring

Life is fleeting. And, your babies are growing. So are you. You may not see it yet, but one day you’ll look back on these diaper changing, baby wearing, potty training days…and smile. I promise you will. So, hug and kiss your baby. Wear them just a little longer. Dance with them. Sing with them. Praise them. Correct them. Guide them. Take so many pictures with them. And, at the end of every day hug your husband (hi5 if that’s your thing!). Husbands, hug your wife. Y’all are doing one heck of a job!

Happy 1st day of spring, my friends. I am happily and excitingly welcoming my 8th spring of capturing laughter and life, all because of love. It’s been one incredible journey…..thankful it’s not over YET.

Love, SR

ps featuring one of my favorite crews who make capturing life, love, and happiness so easy. Happy 6 months, ELI!


Now is the best time

I get asked often, “When is the best season for family pictures?”. You know what my answer will forever be : NOW. Life is constantly moving and changing. Babies are constantly moving and changing. Same with children. Same with adults. Ever since my oldest came home from the hospital (gasp, 10 years ago) I’ve had this deep desire to capture everything about him as often as I could. I remember the day like it was yesterday walking into BestBuy to purchase my first real camera. And, I remember Terry telling the employee, “we just had a baby and we don’t want to miss a thing!”. I still feel the same way. At the time, it was definitely more new mom obsessed with her baby and all his cuteness, but overtime it became a memory capsule to look back on when I just wanted to remember. I want to remember the baby smiles and bright white toddler teeth. I want to remember the day Colton stood in his daddy’s shoes leaning against the counter at age 3. I want to remember all the many Tuesday’s with great grandma. I want to remember all the beautiful sunsets and sunrises. I want to remember all the seasons. Even the really really hard and dark ones. Ones where I struggled as a mom and a wife. For me, and I have said this on many posts, but they have become healing agents for my soul.  I want to sit in my kitchen with my grandchildren one day and pull out all the albums of photos. I want to laugh with them about the funny things and show them that TOGETHER you can do anything. I want to share stories just like my grandparents have done with me. “Precious memories how they linger, how they ever flood my soul.”

What I love most about this job is all the many wonderful friends I have grown to love do life with the ones they hold dearest in their hearts. Raising babies is hard stuff, my friends. Gosh, I know this. But, I get to pick up my camera and capture you just as they see you : beautiful, fun, caring, and the best parent ever. I get to pick up my camera and capture you laughing and playing and being surprised with that kind firefighter who waved to your babies in the streets of downtown Franklin. I get to pick up my camera when they so easily calm themselves by laying their tiny heads on your shoulder. Your shoulder is the only one that will do.

This precious life is a gift. This season. Every season. Have someone capture it for you so you can cherish forever. NOW is the best time for family pictures.

Love, SR

ps Some of my favorite friends, The Hardins. We always have the best time together.


scottie leigh brand new

My first outdoor newborn shoot of 2017. I could write a book and share some beautiful lyrics (because this sweet family is a music family), but I am eager to share. We had the very best morning together capturing their new life with Scottie Leigh. From start to finish, my heart was beating out of my chest. Life, love, home, light, happiness, marriage, and baby. It’s just all so very beautiful.

Oh, baby, baby, It’s a wild world! Welcome to this world, Scottie Leigh! Can’t wait to watch you GROW!

Love, SR