note from meleia

I will always remember people telling me growing up, “Time goes by so fast!” As a child, I didn’t understand that saying. As a teenager and college student, I didn’t understand it. Even as a young newlywed, I didn’t understand. It wasn’t until I myself became a mother, that I truly began to understand what it was that others, including my own mom, were actually talking about. And boy were they right! Holy moly, the days are fleeting! How is my first born 3?? And how is my baby a few months shy of turning 1?? My boys are growing right before my very eyes… at lightning speed it seems like! I have been blessed beyond measure. Somehow, the Good Lord saw it fit for me to be a mommy to these two sweet boys. I wish I could bottle up every moment with them, never forgetting a single second that I am able to spend with them. Sure, many days are hard, but the good completely outweighs the hard, a million times over. I wouldn’t trade a single second. I believe that is why these pictures, these beautiful moments of real, every day life, are so special to me friend! You have taken your God given talent and truly captured my family. You aren’t just an amazing photographer, but you are a genuinely kind soul that just gets people! You get that boys will be boys who may not want to pause and smile for a picture, but run around instead. You get that sometimes a baby just needs some time to fully awaken from a nap to get the best shots. But, how sweet are the ones you take while they are running around being goofy. Or waking up and warming up to you. Our life is definitely not perfect. I would never pretend so. But, I believe that is the beautiful thing. I am totally ok with that. And I love that your pictures show that! So again…thank you sweet Sara for these beautiful pictures that I will treasure forever!!!

These are just some of my favorites you have taken of my family….


story behind the painting

There’s always a story. I want to believe that anyway. Or, just maybe, Jesus has just wired my heart that way. I remember sitting in one of my college courses and I had a professor tell me that my writing wasn’t….well….good enough. I’ll be the first to admit my grammar could use some help, but I love to share stories. And, although that teacher hurt my ego a little that day, it hasn’t stopped me from writing. The story behind the painting is going to be one of my favorites to tell as the years pass and my boys get older.

Every year we have been lucky enough to spend a few days down in Destin, Florida. I have so many wonderful memories growing up there so being able to continue this tradition with my own family has been such a treasure. I never work during that week, Terry shuts down his work, and we just try to be together. Time is fleeting. Seriously. Our boys were just toddlers last year, right? Nope. We are one year away from middle school now. How did that happen?

During our week of beach-loving-rest, there’s one photo that T has gotten of me with the boys every year that I love. It reminds me of the quote, “Our memories of the beach will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.” I love sitting on the beach with my guys. I love talking about whatever it is they want to talk about that summer. We talk Jesus. We talk family. We talk friends. We talk about what our favorite part of the week has been and things we still hope to do before we head home. And, we always talk about the school year ahead. I feel like I still have their ears as I whisper so much hope into their little hearts. It’s something I pray they will want to do with their dear old mom for a long time.

Artist and dear family friend, Pam Mack, has been creating magic for as long as I can remember. And, when I had this photo sitting in front of me I just knew it was time to invest in something I will treasure for the rest of my life. And, now…I have this beautiful painting of a memory that means everything to me. I cry thinking about who all I will get to tell the story behind the painting to. My daughter-in-laws. My grandchildren. And, anyone else who will listen.

I asked Pam if it was okay if I shared her information with all of you, because my hope is that more people put beautiful art in their homes. And, what better way to do that than to take a portrait (maybe that I took of your family) and have it turned into a beautiful painting. Christmas is coming…..

Love, SR



notes from a working mommy

I love my family. They are truly my world. I am a working mommy to two kiddos. My job requires me to travel each week for 3-4 days. I have a fabulous husband who holds down the fort while I’m away, allowing me to do a job I love. We have our happy moments. We have a blessed life. Our children constantly make us laugh by the funny things they say or do. But I’m not gonna lie, its not always easy. Neither is this mommy gig. Sometimes its just plain hard! I have guilt for being away and the things that I inevitably miss. I have guilt for when I’m home and not on my Mommy A Game. Sometimes, I feel like I can’t win. I put too much on my plate, and spread myself too thin.

I am, by nature, very hard on myself. I worry that my being away will cause my children irreparable harm later in their lives. I see posts on Facebook from my other mommy friends and I’m sometimes slightly jealous of their ‘perfect lives’. But deep down, we all know this is not true. At least, the perfect lives part. No one has a perfect life. We post our happy moments, but rarely our unhappy ones. We push down our self doubt to hide it away from the outside world.

We had our pictures scheduled for August 3, 2017 this year. Like every year, I was eager and ready to add an updated collection to our list. I got home from work the day before from a particularly tough trip, and I was exhausted. The day we had pictures, I had a million and one things to get done. I picked my kids up early from daycare in order to get them bathed and fed and ready for pictures at sunset. We were all tired. I was not at my best. I was a little too short tempered with them at times. We arrived at the lake for pictures after an hour and a half in traffic. However, all of my anxiety began to wash away. Sara began snapping away, and I could tell these were going to be great photos. And, they were. They are AMAZING!

I received my email from Sara that my pics were ready. She added the sweetest little note in there, “Editing these photos brought me joy because YOUR JOY is so very real and wonderful.” I teared up reading that. She had no idea how tired I was that day. She had no idea how going to bed that night, I asked the Lord for forgiveness for my short temper and asked for guidance in those moments especially to do better for them and for myself. And looking through those photos, I saw the JOY too! I saw LOVE! I saw HAPPINESS! I saw my beautiful family with all of our perfect imperfections. I saw the love in my children’s eyes that I sometimes allow myself to doubt.

So even in those moments I feel like I’m at my worst, I can look at these pictures and be reminded of the JOY. Its so tangible and real. Looking at the pictures makes my heart want to burst from all of the LOVE. The tough parenting decisions, the mommy guilt, and the tough love sometimes is hard to follow through with, especially when you want to take the path of least resistance. But, these pictures prove, to me at least, that its worth every hard moment. I see their innocence, their love for us, and their love for each other. What more can you ask for? Maybe, just maybe, I’m doing something right. So, I’ll give myself a little grace. Life is hard. Parenting is hard. But I’ll continue to seek His guidance, forgiveness, and love. And, I’ll continue to give thanks for all of my blessings. “I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart.” Psalm 9:1



fall 2017 update

Hi friends!!

Babies back in school? How’s everyone holding up? I have prayed for your babies (small + big), your hearts, teachers, and the schools. May this school year bring so much JOY!

I wanted to share a fall booking update for those still curious. All weekends for the rest of 2017 are officially booked, friends. THANK YOU. 8 years of doing this photography thing. 8 years of growing, learning, losing, gaining, but loving something so very much. So many families I have been so thankful to photograph since the very beginning. So many families I have photographed 1 time, 5 times, 15 times…some 20 times. That’s CRAZY. I know there are a hundred other wonderfully talented photographers in our area. YET, you continue to book. For that, I am grateful.

2017 weekends – ALL BOOKED

August, September – Still have weekday mornings available + a hand full of sunsets left during the week. no weekends left.

October – 1 or 2 weekday mornings left. all sunsets booked. no weekends left.

November – a hand full of weekday mornings left. all sunsets booked. no weekends left.

December – weekday mornings left. no sunsets. no weekends left.

I have SO MUCH TO SHARE. But, waiting on the right time to share about it all. Can’t wait to tell you about Haiti. That’s the one I am MOST excited about. My words are just a mumbled mess right now.

Love you all. Thank you for caring so much about hiring someone to capture YOUR LIFE, so you can cherish it forever. So, future generations can cherish them forever.



It’s about that time

Hey, Hey Friends!

Before I sign off to enjoy this last day of summer for my boys, I wanted to share a few things for those of you that have been asking!

—-> I have a hand full of SEPTEMBER sunsets still available!!

—-> October, November, December are OPEN for booking

—-> First Year Clients need to email me ASAP

—-> I AM accepting NEW CLIENTS this fall season!

—-> Saturday’s will be limited. October + November Saturday’s will be at one location (TBD on where the location will be)

  • October Saturday’s – are booked. All October weekday sunsets are also booked. I do have some weekday mornings still available!
  • November Saturday’s – are booked. All November weekday sunsets are also booked. I do have some weekday mornings still available!
  • December Saturday’s – are booked. I do have a hand full of weekday mornings still available!

—-> Book by emailing me

—–> Smiling’s My Favorite

—–> Can’t wait to HUG your necks, see how much the babies have grown, and get caught up on your LIFE

—–> I love y’all


All My Love, SR


Brandi Thornhilol - Morning buttercup – A must for the Thornhill crew is to visit the wonderful, talented Sara :)

Would love time with you in early October if possible (before it starts turning chilly) – a Friday would be wonderful. Any Friday would work well with the exception of Friday, Oct 6th. This year I would like to bring my mom into the pictures with the nuggets given our repaired relationship which is nothing short of a God story in itself.

Please let me know what would work well with you and I will be tickled pink to add it to my calendar!!

Much love,

Britton Fraley - Good morning Sara,

Hope you are well. Wanted to see if i could book a mini for Nov. 11th? Savannah will turn 2 on the 5th:)


booking fall 2017

Hey, Hey Friends!

Hope this post finds you all wrapping up one amazing summer. Mine has been a bit crazy. Filled with lots of adventures that I can’t wait to really share about. I am still processing my last one, my first mission trip to Haiti. People will tell you that a trip like that will change your life, but you won’t really understand that sentiment until you actually live it out. So, I am processing right now. Praying continually to be able to share whatever I am supposed to share soon.

But, my return has been welcomed by a few sweet friends wondering when I plan to open fall, so I thought it was a great day to go ahead and get that announced. My hope is that I meet each of you this coming season with open hearts to capture LIFE. Whether it’s in your home, at a park, downtown, by the water, or in a new place to us both….that’s my hope for fall 2017. A few things about booking :

  • Please note the new booking time! No more midnight emails needed. Wahoo!
  • I AM accepting new clients
  • Saturday’s will be limited
  • Sunday’s are off
  • I will not be able to travel to clients homes during October + November Saturday’s. Those will be left for one on location shooting.
  • mini and full sessions available
  • I will have more flexibility during the weekday mornings to travel
  • December weekdays and Saturday’s are perfect for at home Christmas or holiday photos.
  • Sunsets will be available during the week, but will be limited to two max
  • A retainer will be required to hold your date
  • I have availability left in August + September if you’d like to beat the rush! You do not have to wait until August 1st to book one of these.

You can always email me this week if you have ANY questions. Just give me a bit to respond. I am trying to enjoy these last few days with the boys home!

Love, Peace, and Thankfulness to all of you!



notes from becca

… because every picture tells a story.  And nobody tells a story better, through pictures, than my sweet Sara Rose. Since as long as I can remember, I knew that I was meant to be a mama.  And God blessed me with the two most amazing babies on this entire Earth. Two babies that God knew that I would be able to love best above all the rest. And while the road, the journey to hold my babies, was a little more intricate than I expected, every moment I look at my two precious gifts, I am so thankful for the road less traveled. 

When I look through these gifts, these incredible moments through pictures, I see all the love and life and happiness and hard work that went into creating our family. I see the look of love in my daughter’s eyes. I see security and comfort in my son’s hugs.  I see joy on their face as we are all together as a family of four. Looking back at these images, I can hear the deep belly laughs and the happy giggles.  My heart wants to explode from the excitement from the memories that we have forever captured during this fleeting time in our life. 

So thankful that God gave Sara this gift to gift to others. It is truly remarkable. She is using God’s gift for capturing time, capturing love. Raw and true and pure. I will always be grateful to have our life captured as it is now. She knows my heart and captured it perfectly.

When I look back on the past year and a half, it feels heavy. It felt a bit relentless at times. This session by Sara was the visual reminder that God’s plan is far better than our own. That He is walking with us and telling us to embrace this messy, joyful, imperfect, beautiful life that He has given us. So thank you Sara for helping me SEE the love, the joy, the laughter, and reminding me to be still and squeeze this life as it is. That is right here in front of me. Thank you, dear friend. I can never, ever thank you enough for capturing my heart.