notes from becca

… because every picture tells a story.  And nobody tells a story better, through pictures, than my sweet Sara Rose. Since as long as I can remember, I knew that I was meant to be a mama.  And God blessed me with the two most amazing babies on this entire Earth. Two babies that God knew that I would be able to love best above all the rest. And while the road, the journey to hold my babies, was a little more intricate than I expected, every moment I look at my two precious gifts, I am so thankful for the road less traveled. 

When I look through these gifts, these incredible moments through pictures, I see all the love and life and happiness and hard work that went into creating our family. I see the look of love in my daughter’s eyes. I see security and comfort in my son’s hugs.  I see joy on their face as we are all together as a family of four. Looking back at these images, I can hear the deep belly laughs and the happy giggles.  My heart wants to explode from the excitement from the memories that we have forever captured during this fleeting time in our life. 

So thankful that God gave Sara this gift to gift to others. It is truly remarkable. She is using God’s gift for capturing time, capturing love. Raw and true and pure. I will always be grateful to have our life captured as it is now. She knows my heart and captured it perfectly.

When I look back on the past year and a half, it feels heavy. It felt a bit relentless at times. This session by Sara was the visual reminder that God’s plan is far better than our own. That He is walking with us and telling us to embrace this messy, joyful, imperfect, beautiful life that He has given us. So thank you Sara for helping me SEE the love, the joy, the laughter, and reminding me to be still and squeeze this life as it is. That is right here in front of me. Thank you, dear friend. I can never, ever thank you enough for capturing my heart. 


notes from crystal

Last year life got busy, it was supposed to rain, and our oldest boys had a baseball game scheduled at the same time as our session with you.  I cancelled and never rescheduled.  I have regretted that decision all year.  I look at the amazing pictures on our wall everyday.  Pictures that you have taken of our family.  I hate that a year is missing.  A gap was created.  You see… your work gives me moments frozen in time of my boys being babies, a reminder of those first days of being a first time Mom to twins, a clear image of me being a new Mom to THREE beautiful boys (those crazy days are such fuzzy memories now), frozen images of Chris being the amazing Dad that he is, and most importantly our story of family, love, and laughter documented.

You have watched our family grow and you have been part of many of our milestones including new babies, first steps, birthdays and dreams coming true.  I don’t consider you our photographer. You are our family friend.  My boys adore you, and you are always eager to hear what is new in our family of five.  I always look forward to our time together.  Comfort and ease come easy when we stand in front of you.  It seems that time slows down and everything going on in our busy lives fades into the background for that short time.  I always walk away with a full and grateful heart.

You have a gift and that keeps giving to the families you photograph everyday.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sara Rose.


notes from tiffany + me

I loved what Tiffany wrote on her IG feed that I didn’t even ask her to write anything more. I just asked permission to share her beautiful, raw, honest words after she received her newborn photos of sweet baby MAC.

“We waited what felt like forever to become a family of four, but I can tell you, if I had known that it would end up like this, the wait would’ve been much easier. Thank you Sara E Rose Photography for sticking out this day with us when our toddler didn’t like her outfit and our newborn didn’t want to sleep. When my husband needed to go to work and I couldn’t stop crying because things weren’t going exactly as planned. These pictures are perfect. And make my heart so happy.”

I wouldn’t trade the extra rocking to calm a newborn, the walks around your home or yard singing to your sweet babies to get them to sleep, the breaks to play with big sister in her room, the conversations with mom about life, and the extra time spent to capture your family in the most beautiful way. It will never be just a click of a button for me. Never has been. It’s not that simple. It’s so much more than just walking into your home to get you some great photos. It’s capturing life.

Love, SR



notes from meredith

Sara Rose has been our family photographer for six years. She is our friend and my children love her. I can not express in words how much I appreciate her talent. To be able to capture the love a parent has for a child or spouse is truly a gift. It’s a gift that God has given her. I will be eternally grateful to Sara as each year I create books for my children filled with her talent and our love. Thank you will never be enough!
This captured moment displays their relationship perfectly! Brian and Layne have an amazing connection. They are so similar in personalities that they understand one another. I often find myself asking Brian what to do if Layne is having a problem at school. He understands her in a way that I can’t. I often envy their connection in a way. BUT it makes my heart melt to see them together. It’s a bond that will never break and I will always be grateful for their relationship. This photo is amazing! I feel it shows just how sweet and beautiful Layne is! Layne will always have a special place in my heart. She is my first born and the baby that gave me the most important job in the world. She is my sunshine. She is shy, smart, funny and has a kind heart. She is incredibly loyal to her younger brother and that tells me she will be an incredible friend. She is a deep thinker and rule follower. She is the girl that can do and be anything she wants and I cant NOT wait to watch her grow. My sweet Layney Bug.Dalton Boy! Sara captured this photo of Dalton and I couldn’t stop looking at it. He’s my baby but this captured moment made me realize how big he truly is! (I’m sobbing now). He is the boy that will try anything….I mean anything! His zest for life is truly inspiring. He is never still, always climbing, running, jumping etc…. He keeps me on my toes! But at the end of every day when he has run as long as he possibly can, he just wants me. He wants his momma to wrap him up and cuddle until he goes to sleep. I will hold him until he will no longer let me.
Sara captured us all smiling! I have no clue how she does it! This moment captured is so important. Everything I am and need is in this photo. They are my world and what makes my heart complete. This is a reminder for me of how blessed I am. This photo is a reflection of our daily life. I am constantly wrapping them up, hugging them, tickling them! I tell them every day how much I love them and that I am so grateful to God that I get to call them mine. I will treasure this time and this moment! My sweet babies!


notes from anna

What a joy it was to work with you! Even upon meeting you for the first time, you immediately felt like family. The hustle and bustle of our mornings as two working parents, trying to get 2 children out the door, make for a busy start to many days. It was a treat to take one of those mornings and wonder around our neighborhood, playing and taking photos! And I am so grateful to you for encouraging us to play. It is nearly impossible to get a 2-year-old to cooperate during a photo shoot, and as a mom, it can be stressful hoping it get a few good shots before said 2-year-old melts down. You made the session completely stress free, giving us permission to stray from photos for a few minutes to let the children run off some energy.
You so quickly won Sadie and Bowen over and had them smiling the sweetest smiles and asking when “Miss Sara” would come back to play! When you asked me to pick my 5 favorites from the session, I thought, that will be impossible with so many wonderful images. And it was very hard… but here are a few of my favorites!
I love it when my little guy tucks in and puts his head on my shoulder. He is such a cuddler and I am so glad that little routine snuggle was caught on camera. This image will always remind me how that little body feels, even when he gets bigger.
These two. I love the matching joy on their faces.
I mean, this hug…what can I say. They love each other so and I will make sure they always remember that! Sadie is such a little mommy and you can really see that here!
I secretly love images where we are all 4 looking at each other, like a little private family moment was captured.
The impromptu creek wading! This is a typical summer activity for the kiddos and I had not really thought of taking photos at the creek, but I am so excited to have some images for the kids to remember our creek fun.
That morning, just being together as a family and breaking free of the normal routine, has already gone down as one of my favorite memories this year. I am so grateful to Rebecca for connecting us with you and so thankful to you for helping us create wonderful memories and for giving us such beautiful images to cherish! Love your sweet soul, Sara Rose. xoxo

notes from annjeanette

We have been working with Sara for almost two years now, starting with our maternity shoot when I was pregnant with our twin girls. However, we have known Sara and seen her incredible work for years more than that, since she has been shooting one of my very best friend’s family for more than half a decade. I was ecstatic when it was finally my “turn” to start the Baby’s First Year sessions with Sara, and could not be more pleased with the moments she has been able to capture in our lives. We just finished our seventh photoshoot with Sara, who I now consider a dear friend.
My life these days with 18-month old twins is a little hectic to say the least. I’m constantly snapping pictures on my phone, but most are blurry since my girls are always on the go. It’s nearly impossible to get one that includes both girls (let alone smiles from both), and few ever include me. So now more than ever, I treasure these pictures from Sara, since these pictures rarely happen in day-to-day life.
But most importantly, Sara captures the life and love of our family in these shots, something that we would not have tangible reminders of any other way. The silliness, the giggles, the looks, the family moments that never get captured except in our hearts. Sometimes on our normal days, I think to myself, “These are the best times, these are the moments that I’ll treasure, I hope I never forget how my daughters and my husband look as they look at me, laugh, play, etc.” Then I get pictures back from a session with Sara and I think, “YES. Those are the looks, those are the smiles, those are the ways we laugh that I want to remember and now I’ll be able to see them forever because Sara has captured them for us.”
Thank you, Sara, for being such an important part of our lives. We love you so much!

notes from mary rose

My grandmother, “Mama Kat”, turned 90 years young on January 13th of this year.  She has been my only living grandparent since I was 11 years old so we are extra close.  While, I take a million pictures of her on my phone, she hasn’t been in a professional photo shoot with us since I was in college.  My son, Hunter, is now 8 & he is the apple of Mama Kat’s eye.  Their relationship makes me so happy & I am beyond thankful that she has been able to really enjoy Hunter.  Not many kids are lucky enough to have a living great grandparent; yet alone one that has been able to be an active part of their life.  It took some persuading but I finally got Mama Kat to agree to a few pictures with Sara.  She was not too thrilled about it (haha) but these pictures are something I will treasure FOREVER.  Sara – thank you for capturing two of my favorite people in the world.  I have cried so many tears over these pictures and am so very thankful to have them.