haden is 8 months

One of my long-time and favorite crews to spend time with is this sweet one! I love a surprise in January when the weather is just right for a milestone shoot. Sunshine, smiles, and love…doesn’t get much better in my book!

Love, SR


john miley is one

John Miley, I sure can’t believe you’re ONE! Your sweet family has been one of my most favorites to spend time with so it was only fitting that as you walked up to your one year shoot, music was playing! So fun! Thank you for all of giggles, buddy. So thankful to be able to watch you grow!!

This is my kinda family shoot, y’all. Take me to a place that means something to you and let’s capture some life for you to treasure forever. And, have so much fun doing it! Even in JANUARY!



baby wriston brand new

Hey Friends!

Hope this post finds all of you enjoying this day wherever you may be. I have a few sweet new babies I want to introduce to you and first up is beautiful baby girl, Wriston. Who was named after her great grandfather. Isn’t that so awesome? I just love that. I am looking forward to watching her grow over this next year and getting to know her family so much more.

Forever grateful to capture your lives, my friends.



2017 Year In Review Part One

Another year, y’all! I debated back and forth doing a Year In Review, but time hop kept reminding me of past posts and I loved looking back. So, my hope is that years from this one we just entered, that this post will bring a smile to my face and yours. Babies don’t keep, do they? But, memories sure do. Forever and ever.

I know when people think about photographs of their families they almost always go towards the end of a year so they have them done when it’s peak fall and perfect for Christmas cards. But, the first half of the year has my heart, too. So, I am going to start this year in review in January, February, and March. Most people see gray. Most people see cold or frigid. Most people don’t see the beauty right in front of them. Most people wouldn’t consider the first part of the year for a session, but I am hopeful these will show you the beauty that can be found if you just open up your eyes to see.

Love is right in front of you and within you. Capturing your life right now is a gift. Don’t forget that as you turn the page to this brand new year.

Love y’all for loving me. Loved looking back on your lives and our time together, my friends.



Booking 2018

Hiring someone to capture your life is a pretty big deal! This is a time you won’t ever get back unless you have photographs to remind you. So, my hope is that you took a really deep look into who I am and what my photography is all about! And, my wish is that if I am the right photographer for you, then I will meet you soon to capture your life! There are a lot of us out there, so pick the one that you believe will capture your life in a way that you want to treasure forever. It’s truly an investment worth making.

I have a feeling 2018 is going to be one for the books. Hope to hear from old friends and looking forward to meeting new ones, too.

Love, SR


Amy Smith - I’m definitely interested in booking something this year!

Looking back, staying present, remaining faithful

I woke up early this morning with a game plan of sharing so many sessions with you that I hadn’t this past year before the New Year. You know, to get you all excited about booking me sometime in 2018. I am just being honest here. But, I looked over at a book a dear friend gave me that’s simply but overwhelmingly titled, “He Leads Me”, a study of Psalm 23. It’s my favorite verse in the Bible. But, I don’t know if Tanna knew that when she gifted it to me a few weeks ago. What I didn’t realize until just a bit ago was that I skipped right over Psalm 23.1 and landed my first morning preparing my soul for 2018 in Psalm 23.2. Waters of rest. You might wonder how I could skip verse 1 so easily, but if you know me, you know my early mornings start really early. My mind is never clear and I have a tendency to jump on social media and let the world overwhelm my soul first. And, that’s exactly what my plan was this morning. I was going to get on my blog and share with the world the work from this year. Instead, I had someone with a much better plan. Rest, Sara. “He leads us to green pastures. He takes us exactly where we need to be. He knows that on our own we may not choose the best things. We are easily distracted by the world around us, but He leads us to the green pastures that He has prepared for us. He places us in the land that is good for us. We may not always understand His plan, but we can trust that He is bringing us to a good place.”

I picked #nofearnewyear as I welcomed 2017. Some choose a word. I chose a phrase. What I didn’t realize when that was laid heavy on my heart, was that God was going to ask me to fly a lot this year. And, not just in an airplane. It’s a phrase that I stood bravely by 80% of the time. I failed a lot, too. I said no when I should of said yes. I said yes when I should of said no. I said, “I can’t do that!” so many times. But, there is so much growth in the overcoming and in the failing, y’all. So much growth in understanding that sure, I can’t do that on my own. BUT, GOD. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Phil 4.13 So much growth in believing that He wouldn’t set me on a path if He didn’t want me on it in the first place. And, if I fail…it’s probably because it wasn’t meant for me anyway. Even if that means not meant for me right now. EVEN IF that means not meant for me ever. God’s plan is always better.

As I look back on this year I kinda sit back in awe. A year of light and darkness. Our Pastor preached Sunday about how when the night feels the longest it’s when we are closest to the light. And, if I could choose how people remember me it’s that even when it was dark in my life, God’s light overwhelmed me in a way that no one could ever explain. That even when it was loud, chaotic, and scary, that peace was my center. It’s taken me a long time to get here. But, I am so grateful to be here.

When I think back on 2017, I think of all the captured life. Even the last moments on this side of heaven for one. That was one of the hardest days of my life doing this work. I think of new life and first moments. I think of first words, first clap, first giggle, first step. I think of new homes, new journeys, and restoration with some. I think of big families that come together for one day because they know it matters and that the conflicts don’t. I think of those babies in Haiti every single day. I feel my heart and how it beats differently since that trip. And, I think about what it will be like to go back next year. I think about all the life captured in 2017 and how much of your beautiful life you have hanging on your walls to cherish forever. And, I think about my own boys. Every single moment of every single day. That I do this work for God and one day they will get to tell their own children about it all.

Not sharing often here was intentional. I wanted to put my focus where it needed to be. I am so thankful you guys let me be me and tell you all about what God has done. I can’t wait to share what He does in 2018. Even if He calls me to rest a lot more. And, if you’re wondering what my word or phrase will be for the New Year. It’s remain. Remaining faithful. When I asked siri this morning synonyms for remain she said : REST, stay, continue, stay on, persist, be, abide.

God is amazing.

Happy New Year, My Friends. So much love from me to you.

Thank you for continuing to call on me to capture your life. It’s a gift that I will never take for granted.

Love, Sara Rose


note from kristen

From the moment Sara knocked on our front door almost 5 years ago and walked in and hugged and loved like I had known her all my life, I knew she would become a special person to our family. I have honestly never met anyone so warm and HAPPY before Sara. It’s interesting to me how many times her name is talked about in our household. My child prays for her specifically by name, my husband mentions her when he talks about how he can be a more positive person, I think of her every time I see something happy – a butterfly, a rainbow, an inspirational quote. Whenever I need a little pick me up – I go read Sara’s Pinterest board. It’s true. She exudes all things HAPPY. We have laughed with her, cried with her, kissed booboo’s, told funny stories, shared personal struggles. She never forgets our story. She has prayed for us, sent well wishes in tough times, and shed positive light on every situation we have faced.

Every session we have is my favorite. I tell my husband every.single.time after we leave our time with Sara – “I don’t remember smiling for any of those pictures”. But you know what – I did. REAL smiles. Open mouthed laughs. Scrunchy-nosed giggles. All from the heart. These visual reminders of how precious my kiddos tiny features are through every stage of their life are absolutely priceless. How tiny their little feet once were to how big long their legs have grown. We are incredibly thankful for you, Sara! Your heart, your love, your talent… but most of all for your friendship. Seeing SRP photographs of other families warm my heart not only because I know that they’ve got images they will treasure forever, but because I know what a blessing she is to everyone she meets.

K. Smith