sophie mae 7 months

Well, so far I have successfully blogged shoots that are done + edited in 2018! Loving this season so far, y’all. Yes, winter. Yes, January and now February! It’s not too crazy and it’s been wrapped up in just enough sweet babies that my photographer heart is content. So much joy this year. I am loving capturing it!

This little toot gets to see me every 3 months her first year. These babies grab ahold of my heart when they are just about the size of a gallon of milk and then they grow into these sitting up, super happy babies. Babies that smile those gummy smiles. Babies that all I have to do is make a silly sound or play peek-a-boo and they smile with their whole chunky face. It’s my favorite.

So, I am hoping you were¬†looking for some sunshine, because if by some chance you landed here to turn your grey skies blue, you’ve reached your final destination. Welcome!

Love you, you beautiful blue-eyed doll!

Love, SR


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