2017 Year In Review Part One

Another year, y’all! I debated back and forth doing a Year In Review, but time hop kept reminding me of past posts and I loved looking back. So, my hope is that years from this one we just entered, that this post will bring a smile to my face and yours. Babies don’t keep, do they? But, memories sure do. Forever and ever.

I know when people think about photographs of their families they almost always go towards the end of a year so they have them done when it’s peak fall and perfect for Christmas cards. But, the first half of the year has my heart, too. So, I am going to start this year in review in January, February, and March. Most people see gray. Most people see cold or frigid. Most people don’t see the beauty right in front of them. Most people wouldn’t consider the first part of the year for a session, but I am hopeful these will show you the beauty that can be found if you just open up your eyes to see.

Love is right in front of you and within you. Capturing your life right now is a gift. Don’t forget that as you turn the page to this brand new year.

Love y’all for loving me. Loved looking back on your lives and our time together, my friends.



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