note from meleia

I will always remember people telling me growing up, “Time goes by so fast!” As a child, I didn’t understand that saying. As a teenager and college student, I didn’t understand it. Even as a young newlywed, I didn’t understand. It wasn’t until I myself became a mother, that I truly began to understand what it was that others, including my own mom, were actually talking about. And boy were they right! Holy moly, the days are fleeting! How is my first born 3?? And how is my baby a few months shy of turning 1?? My boys are growing right before my very eyes… at lightning speed it seems like! I have been blessed beyond measure. Somehow, the Good Lord saw it fit for me to be a mommy to these two sweet boys. I wish I could bottle up every moment with them, never forgetting a single second that I am able to spend with them. Sure, many days are hard, but the good completely outweighs the hard, a million times over. I wouldn’t trade a single second. I believe that is why these pictures, these beautiful moments of real, every day life, are so special to me friend! You have taken your God given talent and truly captured my family. You aren’t just an amazing photographer, but you are a genuinely kind soul that just gets people! You get that boys will be boys who may not want to pause and smile for a picture, but run around instead. You get that sometimes a baby just needs some time to fully awaken from a nap to get the best shots. But, how sweet are the ones you take while they are running around being goofy. Or waking up and warming up to you. Our life is definitely not perfect. I would never pretend so. But, I believe that is the beautiful thing. I am totally ok with that. And I love that your pictures show that! So again…thank you sweet Sara for these beautiful pictures that I will treasure forever!!!

These are just some of my favorites you have taken of my family….



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