note from kristen

From the moment Sara knocked on our front door almost 5 years ago and walked in and hugged and loved like I had known her all my life, I knew she would become a special person to our family. I have honestly never met anyone so warm and HAPPY before Sara. It’s interesting to me how many times her name is talked about in our household. My child prays for her specifically by name, my husband mentions her when he talks about how he can be a more positive person, I think of her every time I see something happy – a butterfly, a rainbow, an inspirational quote. Whenever I need a little pick me up – I go read Sara’s Pinterest board. It’s true. She exudes all things HAPPY. We have laughed with her, cried with her, kissed booboo’s, told funny stories, shared personal struggles. She never forgets our story. She has prayed for us, sent well wishes in tough times, and shed positive light on every situation we have faced.

Every session we have is my favorite. I tell my husband every.single.time after we leave our time with Sara – “I don’t remember smiling for any of those pictures”. But you know what – I did. REAL smiles. Open mouthed laughs. Scrunchy-nosed giggles. All from the heart. These visual reminders of how precious my kiddos tiny features are through every stage of their life are absolutely priceless. How tiny their little feet once were to how big long their legs have grown. We are incredibly thankful for you, Sara! Your heart, your love, your talent… but most of all for your friendship. Seeing SRP photographs of other families warm my heart not only because I know that they’ve got images they will treasure forever, but because I know what a blessing she is to everyone she meets.

K. Smith


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