fall 2017 update

Hi friends!!

Babies back in school? How’s everyone holding up? I have prayed for your babies (small + big), your hearts, teachers, and the schools. May this school year bring so much JOY!

I wanted to share a fall booking update for those still curious. All weekends for the rest of 2017 are officially booked, friends. THANK YOU. 8 years of doing this photography thing. 8 years of growing, learning, losing, gaining, but loving something so very much. So many families I have been so thankful to photograph since the very beginning. So many families I have photographed 1 time, 5 times, 15 times…some 20 times. That’s CRAZY. I know there are a hundred other wonderfully talented photographers in our area. YET, you continue to book. For that, I am grateful.

2017 weekends – ALL BOOKED

August, September – Still have weekday mornings available + a hand full of sunsets left during the week. no weekends left.

October – 1 or 2 weekday mornings left. all sunsets booked. no weekends left.

November – a hand full of weekday mornings left. all sunsets booked. no weekends left.

December – weekday mornings left. no sunsets. no weekends left.

I have SO MUCH TO SHARE. But, waiting on the right time to share about it all. Can’t wait to tell you about Haiti. That’s the one I am MOST excited about. My words are just a mumbled mess right now.

Love you all. Thank you for caring so much about hiring someone to capture YOUR LIFE, so you can cherish it forever. So, future generations can cherish them forever.



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