notes from crystal

Last year life got busy, it was supposed to rain, and our oldest boys had a baseball game scheduled at the same time as our session with you.  I cancelled and never rescheduled.  I have regretted that decision all year.  I look at the amazing pictures on our wall everyday.  Pictures that you have taken of our family.  I hate that a year is missing.  A gap was created.  You see… your work gives me moments frozen in time of my boys being babies, a reminder of those first days of being a first time Mom to twins, a clear image of me being a new Mom to THREE beautiful boys (those crazy days are such fuzzy memories now), frozen images of Chris being the amazing Dad that he is, and most importantly our story of family, love, and laughter documented.

You have watched our family grow and you have been part of many of our milestones including new babies, first steps, birthdays and dreams coming true.  I don’t consider you our photographer. You are our family friend.  My boys adore you, and you are always eager to hear what is new in our family of five.  I always look forward to our time together.  Comfort and ease come easy when we stand in front of you.  It seems that time slows down and everything going on in our busy lives fades into the background for that short time.  I always walk away with a full and grateful heart.

You have a gift and that keeps giving to the families you photograph everyday.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sara Rose.


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