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I promised myself I would do more personal posts on the blog…I have kinda not done a great job of it this year thus far, huh?  Well, I *think I have some good excuses as to why I haven’t, but instead of listing them ALL out I wanted to tell you about some pretty awesome things going on with SRP.  Feeling a little overwhelmed with Blessings as of late and I just want to make it very clear how truly humbled and thankful I am for all of them.  

First up, the Amber Housley Inspired Workshop.  I know I have already written a little bit about it, but wanted to announce that the workshop was such a success Amber is continuing on.  And, even more awesome…I am going with her to stop #2!!  Can’t even tell you how excited I am watching all of Amber’s dreams come true and to witness it first hand!  It’s been amazing.  

During the first AH Inspired held right here in Nashville just a few weeks ago I got to speak a little on following your dreams, the importance of a mentor,  balancing work, family…life.  It was quite the emotional presentation.  For those of you that really know me probably wouldn’t expect anything less.   We all walked away from that day with 20+ new friends.  I just can’t wait to watch all of those wonderful women who are about to take the leap of faith succeed!  It takes courage….but, I have no doubt that each one will FLY.

Interested in learning more about the first workshop and where Amber is heading NEXT go check this blog out here!  Can’t wait to get to sunny Florida and meet more amazing women!

A few of the attendees wrote their own personal take on the workshop.  Just click on the blogs here ::  Kelbysews,  Lucky Penny Events,  One Happy Mama,  I’m Inkpressed,  Quad Deuce Design Blog,  Road Called Life, Saucy Pants,  Lovespun Studio, and the Party Press Blog!  Such great gals.  


And, some of you may remember about a year ago me working on a really awesome project for the MTMC NICU waiting room….well, it’s UP UP UP!!!!  Yes, these are also instagram images provided by one sweet nurse, but I just had to share!!  I can’t wait to get over to the hospital and get a great shot of the wall!  All the families who were involved are over the moon excited that their sweet babies are hanging proudly up in the  new hospital.

My wish is that with all the hard work that was put into the project by SO many truly does bring hope to those that need it most!!  

The hospital is holding a reveal reception in the coming weeks so I am sure to have more images to share!  And,  I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me a note of kind words, congratulations…I could go on.  The support I have received from so many about this project has been quite humbling and overwhelming.  But,  I am so very thankful for every bit of it.

So, Terry and I just got back from Park City, Utah!  Photographed my last wedding ever and if I do say so myself I think I went out with a bang.  No, I won’t be sharing any of those images out of big daddy camera on this blog only because I plan to do a HUGE post about Paige & Garret’s wedding soon after I get through all the images.  I won’t tell you how many I took.  I can’t believe it myself.  You can see one of the amazing shots on my facebook page if you really wanna see something beautiful!

The entire weekend was filled with lots of laughter and love.   How could you not when you are surrounded by 60+ of your closest friends and family.  And, there definitely were a lot of tears.  Did I cry you may ask?  Well, maybe….  Anyway, before I go off on the weekend {because I really want to wait to tell you alllll about it on their blog} I need to talk about one special person who I couldn’t have gotten through the weekend without.  My husband.  Pretty sure he was the best assistant ever.  Holding an umbrella over my head while I shot in the crazy beautiful snow, running out to get batteries when we found out plans had changed for the ceremony, getting a rag to dry off my camera when it got wet, making sure grandparents got back to the lodge or on the gondola safely.  And, you wonder why I refer to him as my Superman.  He was amazing.  Enough gushy mush, but it needed to be said.  

I was asked several times over the weekend “are you sure this is it?”….  And, my answer was easy.  Yes, I am sure this is it.  I couldn’t ask for a better wedding to end on and I don’t expect I could ever top it.  I am leaving wedding days to the experts.  I am sticking to the sweet babies, kiddos and families.  That is where my heart is right now.  I know it has a lot to do with me being a momma myself.  But, I will admit I did feel a little nostalgic the day after.  

Here are a few of my favorite instagram shots from the weekend…

As we were packing up the car Monday and heading back to the Salt Lake City airport I was feeling so happy about the weekend but so very ready to get home to our boys.  They stayed at the Farm and had the.best.time!  I think they were outside all day, every day.  Nanny told me Tyler changed costumes atleast 20 times a day.  And, that Colton never stopped running.  The little peanut ran so much and fell so much that he looks like he & the gravel had a little disagreement.  But, they are boys and I shouldn’t expect anything less than the rough and tough…..and, busy bees they are.  

So very happy to be home.  Back to being a full time momma, full time wife, full time friend, full time photographer….  it’s a crazy busy life, but it’s mine and I wouldn’t change it one bit!

I have blogged A BUNCH and would love for you to grab a cup of coffee, sit back and check them all out.  And, as always…my favorite thing on the blog are comments from others.  They mean more to me than you know.  

Off to enjoy this day with Tyler & Colton because once tomorrow hits I am back to the grind.  Spring has Sprung {or, is it summer…I am a little confused}!!

X’s and O’s, sararose


kristina - I just loved your post, Sara! SO happy that you are going to be a part of the second Inspired Workshop, too! I am not surprised! ;) Loved seeing all of your beautiful photos from Utah and so happy that your last wedding went beautifully! SO proud of you and that beautiful waiting room wall, too. Those photos are so sweet and touching. Such a treasure to those families and to all of the families that walk those halls. Sending you BIG hugs my friend! SO happy to know you and SO proud of you! Love you!

Bri - Sara, you are such a writer…what can’t you do??? :) I am very happy for you and the direction that your life/business is going. I truly believe in dreams just as you and you are reaping your rewards for sure! Keep on doin what you are doin….you a re a Rock Star {I’m sure your boys would agree}. Good luck in 2012 <3

Jill - There’s nothing better than seeing wonderful things happen to wonderful people. xoxo

Aly - Just read this. So very proud of you and excited for the opportunities ahead. I can’t wait to see Paige’s wedding pics. I know they are gorgeous. XO

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