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bliss. the moment we stop thinking and start being.

That’s what I think of when I think of this sweet family. They love with a love that is more than love. They laugh and giggle and play and are happy. And, not because life is perfect but because they know it’s a choice. They are grateful to the core. A beautiful inspiration for us all.

1 Samuel 1.27

So happy you are here, Sadler! Can’t wait to watch you grow and to laugh, giggle, and play some more!




Farris is one

I love meeting new friends. I especially love when they become like old friends because of our connections. See, I grew up with two of mom’s sisters. I have photographed two of her sisters families. I held one of my first ever mini session days at their family home years ago. Loved going back and driving past that old red barn out front. A wonderful feeling to know how far I’ve come, but a humble reminder to never forget the beginning.  It’s good to look back, be hopeful for the future, but to be present with today. Be grateful for TODAY. And, boy was that day beautiful.

Farris is a JOY. Happy, independent, and beautiful. We had the very best day together.

Meet my new buddy, y’all. Leave her some love.


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over 20 sessions together

At the end of my 20th (that is right TWENTIETH!) photo session with Sara Rose—or Miss Sara as she is known in our house—I asked my sweet friend if I could share a few things I’ve learned along the way. Its funny, you set out with one task in front of you—take beautiful pictures—but you end up with an entirely different outcome. Don’t get me wrong, we have taken some INCREDIBLE images over the last 5+ years. I mean the kind of images that make me cry happy tears whenever I look at them. However, I have learned even more about the kind of parent I want to be through these photo shoots. So from my heart to yours, here is what I have gathered…

1. Stop trying to look like someone else.

Early in the game, I would go to the mall and pick out perfectly coordinated outfits for the entire family. I would start with the babies… And then color match their garments with a top for my husband and a dress for me. I would be a cranky mama after pushing my tiny kids around the mall looking for the perfect photo looks.

During the shoots, I would be worried about angles. Does my post-baby tummy stick out in this pose? Don’t shoot behind my or you might capture my behind!!! Etc. Etc. Etc.

And then I did a mama-and-me photo shoot with just my littlest girl. The big sisters were at school and daddy was at work. I stayed in my tank top and jeans and baby sister was naked for 90% of the shoot. I was absolutely blown away. My hair/makeup/outfit wasn’t perfect but I looked so happy. I mean it. I was more focused on playing with my girl than posing and the images that came out of that session show the true love of a mother and daughter. That is priceless.

Do I still like to look nice for a picture, yes. But now, instead of my perfect dress and hair, I wear ripped jeans and tanks.. Because that is how I look every day. And why would I want to document a dolled up version of myself that isn’t what my babies and husband know, love, and think is most beautiful?

What I’ve Learned: Just strive to look like yourself. If your hair is curly, leave it curly. If you are a casual person, keep the pictures casual. Make it so that when your babies look back on these images in years to come, they recognize the real you.

2. Keep it simple and fun

Picture days can be pretty eventful in my house. My girls get SO EXCITED when Miss Sara comes over that they wear themselves out with anticipation before she actually arrives. At one point, I had three kids under the age of four and inevitably, photo time was during someone’s snack/nap/diaper change/nursing time…. And now imagine trying 5 different backgrounds, four poses, and three outfit changes. Um, NO!

Over twenty different photo sessions, I can honestly say that the candids are always my favorite. The shots that I didn’t even know Sara took end up framed in our house. Don’t torture your tots—and Hubby!—with lots of outfits and poses and pinterest-worthy ideas. Just be yourselves. Enjoy each other. Love on each other and you will be stunned with what comes out of Sara’s camera.

What I’ve Learned: I can’t micromanage tots. Not at a photo shoot, and not in life. I am a better parent, spouse, and friend when I stop aiming for perfection and just embrace the beauty of realness.


When I am tense and worried about getting a good shot, my kids can sense it. It is like they can smell my anxiety and then they go haywire. That is usually when Sara says, “Lets stop and just play for a little bit.” When I let myself go and listen to Sara, I actually start to enjoy the moment with my kiddos. As soon as I release my tension, they release theirs and photographic magic takes place.

Sara is a child whisperer and has the patience of Job. She will stay with your fussy baby until they are laughing harder than they have ever laughed before. So just go with it! Let the kids play. Let them pose themselves. And most importantly, TRUST SARA ROSE. She will not stop until she gets the shot. So let her manage your crew.

What I’ve Learned: When I hire an expert, I need to let them do their job. Sara is the best of the best of the best. In 20 sessions, I have never been disappointed and neither will you.

4. Stop treating it like a “Do or Die” situation

I realize that I am incredibly blessed that our family has had the privilege of working with Sara as often as we have. I totally understand that not everyone can or would do that. Even if you only ever do one photo shoot, I beg you not to approach it from a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) mindset. If you do, you will try to cram every prop, pose, and outfit you can find into one session. And you will be miserable. Your husband will be even more miserable. And your kids will be crazy.

What I’ve Learned: This is probably the biggest growth area for me through all of our photoshoots. In motherhood, there is always this fear of missing out. I’m always afraid that I will regret something or miss something. I mean, every day they are a little bit older and their baby rolls are a little smaller and they are one day closer to packing up for college and leaving me forever (insert bawling emoji). As a result of ALL THESE EMOTIONS, I tend to overanalyze, over-schedule, and over-worry. But something magical happens when I get my slideshow back from Sara. With her camera, she has the ability to actually stop time. I can forever have the moment of my first daughter as a newborn in her crib, or my middle daughter’s perpetual bed head, or my baby’s toothy-grin. I get to keep all of those moments forever. Something about this reality makes me relax, breath deep, and cry happy tears. I can actually let go because I know that these girls’ childhoods are not slipping through my fingers. I have them forever in print… And if you ever wanted to know the real reason why we have invested so much time and money into photo sessions with Sara Rose, well now you have it.



norah is one

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. Proverbs 16.24

This family has been with me for a long time and even still, Brittney always takes the time to write me the sweetest words after she receives their photos. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing a bit of it.

“Sara Rose!!!! I can never thank you enough for these amazing pictures you’ve given us. You capture our girls so perfectly and exactly how I see them. You even make me and Tyler look good ! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year with our second girl. This session was so relaxed and these are just about my favorite pictures ever! It makes me teary to look at how big my girls are, but also how much love we have for them and I feel like it really comes through in the photos. You will be seeing us in October for 18 months! You’re stuck with us! We love our Sara Rose!”

Go lift someone up today. You may just encourage someone to continue sharing their heart (and art) with the world.

I love you, sweet England family. You are some of my most favorites ever.




taylor + lauren nashville engagement

So good for my soul. A session with Taylor and his fiance, Lauren, at and around their home in East Nashville. Some may wonder why an engagement session? “You stopped shooting weddings years ago, Sara Rose!”. Yes, I did. But, when it’s your family, you make the exception. The truth is and it very well could be because I adore these two, but it was such a nice change and inspired me in ways I didn’t know I needed.

Taylor has always been one of my favorite people and not just because his sweet momma married my dad, but because of who he is from the inside out. An honest and humble guy who you just can’t help but to cheer on and love. When I met Lauren for the first time, I knew she was the one. Just as precious as Taylor is, Lauren is even more. To know her is to love her. Truly.

I can’t wait for their June wedding where one of my dearest friends will get to capture their day like only she can…..—>

So, in the meantime, I am ready for some brave families to meet me downtown Nashville for a super awesome shoot in our amazing city!




Jill - Love this! The Norrises would love a downtown session!! xoxo

Lara Craig - LOVE it! I think you are right; great idea for this summer!

spring makes you smile

My favorite thing to give is a gallery FULL of laughter, life, and love. Weathersby crew, what a GLORIOUS afternoon this was with all of you.

Does spring make y’all smile, too?!


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