fearfully and wonderfully made

I will admit it’s been a LONG time since I’ve let them just BE in front my real camera.  And, it’s the first time in a LONG time that I see my boys and all that I want to remember them as in these photographs.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, my darling boys.  May you never ever forget that.  Thank you for always inspiring me when I need it most.

Be YOU always.

love forever and ever, momma




Carli - incredible in every way!

tiffany + maggie

I’ve wanted to share this  session since the day I took it….almost a month ago!  I hoped that when I shared my first ever true mommy + me shoot with Carli and her Daphne that the feedback would be positive.  My hopes came true.  I got an email from Tiff about doing a session with her Maggie as a surprise for Valentine’s Day.  I was so happy to get that email on Saturday about how much Maggie’s dad LOVED the photos…he may of even cried?

These sessions are my heart right now.  Just simple.  At home.  Capturing life.  These are the kinds of photos you can cherish forever.  First home.  First baby.  Second baby.  Last baby.  Whatever it is….these are the moments that we dream about, live through and soon see in our past.  I would give anything to go back to these days and have someone capture LIFE for us.  It all just goes by so fast, doesn’t it?

What a blessing to witness such honest love.  I’m so thankful to give back to these moms for everything they do for their sweet babies….every single day.  Even on the hardest days.  May you look back and smile.  I know your babies will.




Stephanie Hayden - Love Maggie, Love Tiff, Love you, and LOVE these photos! ❤️

expecting erin

In 2010 I would meet this gorgeous couple in downtown Nashville for the very first time while we photographed them engaged.  Fast forward and here we are capturing their brand new journey on becoming MOM + DAD!!  Nothing better than getting an email YEARS later from a couple you adored.

We had the very best time on this windy afternoon.  So windy that Erion tended to Tiffany often (you’ll see that oh so sweet photo below!).  They are gorgeous….and happy….and sweet!  I couldn’t ask for much more.  Can’t wait to meet sweet princess Erin SOON and capture more precious life.




Kelly B - omg!!! The black and white one with their lips barely touching !!!! To die for!

Angela Rucker - How precious are these pictures!!! Love my cousins. Erion has always been special and I’m so proud of the man he has become. Tasha is perfect for him. Can’t wait for the baby arrival. Love you guys!!!

Rhonda Powell - Absolutely breathtaking!!! Can’t wait to see my beautiful great niece. Love you so much Tiffany and Erion <3

Q2 and Q3 details

UPDATE :: GUYS!!!  You are all so amazing AND FAST.  Weekends for 2nd quarter are officially BOOKED up.  I do have several week days left during the months of April and May.  And, just a handful of sunset shoots left for June.  Looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces and meeting some brand new ones, too!  Yeah!

I know I had to give the bad news of “booked” to several of you, so here is my heads up that Q3 (July, August, September) will open on Monday, May 4th!  Since I only work two Saturday’s a month they go the quickest.  I am not joking.  Q2 weekends booked by 8 AM the day I opened it up.  First year clients, you get an entire week before I open to the public.  Always.

I sure hope to continue this year at the wonderful pace it’s been so far!  It’s been busy BUT beautiful.  Loving it all!

If you want to reach out to me about a future session and would like details about my sessions I’d love to share.  Just go to that contact tab above and shoot me a message.  I try to answer emails within 24 hours, but it’s been a little crazy lately so 48 hours at the MOST.




happy jackson

Spending the first year watching babies grow is such a treat. At newborn, they are tiny sleepy (we pray) little peanuts. At 3 months, they begin to smile a little and occasionally giggle. And, at 6 months, we start to see their little personalities come to life. It’s so fun. Little Jackson was a HAM from start to finish. If you follow me on instagram you may remember our behind the scenes video while I was shooting his mom took. Now, y’all know why I love this job so much! Smiling is my favorite and little Jackson didn’t let me down one bit!

If 6 months was this much fun I can’t imagine the giggles we will get at 9 months! Can’t WAIT!




Jill Norris - What a sweet little guy! Great session :)

Hallelujahs be Multiplied

Riah is here, guys.  He is absolutely perfect in every single way.  But, I want to rewind just for a second.  After blogging Alex & Sarah’s maternity shoot lots of folks had the chance to read their journey through Alex’s words.   I was overwhelmed by the response.  So many messages from moms and dads with “I am so glad Alex & Sarah shared their story….”. It’s an amazing one that if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to know then go read HERE first.  So, I say this to everyone…BE BRAVE with your story.  It may just give someone hope.

Even better than spending that Saturday evening capturing their new journey was getting the text months later that read “Riah’s on his way!”.  Hallelujah!!  Multiplied!!  Right, Alex & Sarah?!!  I love you guys!  I feel SO honored to capture your beautiful life as a family of three.




Love and Pups

If you’ve been around here for a long time you’ll recognize these sweet friends as one of my very last weddings I ever photographed!  But, God knew that was just the beginning of our journey together.  I have absolutely LOVED watched Connor grow but even more so, I’ve loved watching this family grow.  I have a lot of favorites, but this crew without a single doubt is close to the very top!

I adore you H family.  And, your sweet pups, too!!




Stephanie Hayden - Sara- we love you!! You do a beautiful job and Connor of course loves you!! We adore all of your photos but especially the ones of my sweet precious boy! ❤️