Jack and Caroline


Can you believe we are about to welcome FALL? I can’t believe it. But, before we rush into Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (wait, already there), mums and full fledge fall decorating I wanted to celebrate SUMMER. It was a great one. One that was too fast for many. One that brought many HOT days (still bringing, too) but can we please not forget those beautiful random breezy days that reminded us that we are blessed. Days that brought gorgeous sun and light. MY FAVORITE. So much so that I knew when I edited this session there would be no black and white images. I wanted to show full color of what was so vivid that day. Give me light. Give me Love. That’s all this girl with a camera needs.

I adore you, Newman Family. Can’t believe Caroline is ONE. Can’t believe this is the end of a second Baby’s First Year. Not seeing you all every 3 months is sure going to be tough!

Here’s to family, y’all. Oh, light & love, too.

X’s and O’s, SaraRose

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Lara Craig - Beautiful. Love the barn and big tractor. Where is this?

Christina - Those kiddos are so sweet hugging each other! Amazing work, they are beautiful family photos!

cade is three

So much that is on my heart about this session, but the words just aren’t coming out the way I want them to.  No matter what, I want to capture a child the way the family sees them.  The happiness.  The REAL happiness that gets parents through the day.  You know why?  Because they will have it captured to be reminded of that beautiful smile when they need it most.  After I left this sweet family at their last session I knew I had photographed something absolutely beautiful  that would show mom & dad that Cade is growing, he is learning, he is thriving.  Our children are gifts.  Thankful I get to remind parents of that every single day.

From Ashley :

Sara has been capturing our precious Cade for three years now.  She first met Cade when he was just 10 days old.  His first year was picture perfect and we have the photos to prove it.  At thirteen months, Cade stopped talking and started to do a few unusual things but as a new mom, I thought this was just a phase.   During his eighteen month photo session, I noticed that it was harder for Sara to get Cade’s attention and he was still not talking.  Three short months later, and after a visit with his pediatrician, we were at Vanderbilt being tested for an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).   Receiving his diagnosis was very hard but as with all things, it got easier with time.

Having a child with autism changes your life.  It teaches you to appreciate the small things that most people would not even notice.  You find yourself overwhelmed with joy by the smallest sounds your child makes or any time he imitates you without being prompted to do so.  And every year when it is picture time, just as I do every Sunday before church or every time we go to a birthday party, I pray that Cade doesn’t feel overwhelmed and is able to really show people how wonderful he is.  His picture session this year proves just how far he has come since his diagnosis.  Sara captured Cade pointing, smiling, laughing, and giving me his undivided attention.  For most parents, this is expected but for our family, this was huge.  Cade never ceases to amaze me and I know he will continue to do so for many more days to come.

As for Sara, we are so very grateful that she photographs our family every year.  She is so understanding and so very patient.  I know that every family she captures has a story and ours just happens to be that we are blessed with a beautiful boy with autism.  Autism affects 1 in 68 children and for boys, it is 1 in 42.  Early intervention is key so if ever in doubt, ask your pediatrician.


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Sarah - I have had the amazing privilege of being a sister to Ashley, sister-in-law to Caleb, and an aunt to Cade. My sister is the most generous and outstanding person that I have ever met. She’s so strong and patient and has been the best mom in the world to my precious Nugget. The way that you, Sara, capture the essence of this family brings me to tears with every session you do! I want to thank you for your talent and for being able to truly capture the happiness and love that this family has for one another and for life in general.

Angela Z - Just beautiful images Sara! Such a sweet sweet family, and you captured them amazingly!

Booking Fall NOW

Can’t believe it’s time!!  Booking my favorite season and wrapping up 2014 is here, y’all!  So, please don’t wait as dates will go quick….especially those limited Saturday’s.  I can’t WAIT to capture YOUR LIFE.  I can’t WAIT to see all the beautiful Christmas cards this year.  I had a dad tell me the other day “I don’t know what we’d do without our pictures, Sara Rose.”  I am so grateful that it means as much to them as it does to me.  Life goes by fast and my motto always is if you can live in a beautiful moment then take it all in, but if you have the ability to capture it while living it…well, that’s a beautiful thing.  Pictures are not just to show off your cute babies.  Pictures are for your children and for generations to come.  Let me capture your story so you don’t have to say a word.  Let me capture YOUR LIFE so you have these beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.   I want to capture your life, your love and your happiness.  I would be honored.

Hope to see you when the leaves start changing and the lights start twinklin’.

All my Love, SaraRose

To get an idea on where my prices start go HERE and if you still would love to book a session please go up to that Contact tab.  I would love to see some familiar faces, but also meet some brand new friends, too.

booking fall blog


bryce is 18 months

It’s the last week of Summer for the Rose Crew.  Can’t even believe school starts back up FRIDAY!  Looking forward to these last few days (in the 80′s!!!) with my guys as we wish the Summer goodbye and welcome a brand new school year in.  But, before we do and before my two stretch their arms and let out their yawns to a brand new day I wanted to share one of my favorite Summer sessions with you all.  My buddy Bryce and his precious parents met me close to sunset down by the lake.  We ended up at one of my favorite spots to celebrate their boy at 18 months.  What a joy it was.

Hope you will leave them some love.  And, don’t forget….4th quarter opens up NEXT MONDAY.  Go here to read the details.

Have a great week, friends.  XO, SR

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Carrie - Standing on that box with his hand in his pockets – precious! Beautiful work, Sara!

Christie Crotts - Such beautiful pics!! My faves are the family pic by the water, Bryce playing in the water with the ducks in the background, standing on the box with his hand in his pockets, and the family pic where he’s kissing his wonderful mommy. That was hard because I love them all!!

booking fall soon

Howdy Friends!

I have had several emails come in the past two weeks about booking Fall and although I’d like to think I am pretty good with keeping everyone “in the know”, I am finding that I may not be!  SO, here’s the plan.  On Monday, August 4th, I will be accepting 4th quarter bookings (October, November and December).  My Saturdays will be limited and Baby’s First Year Clients who have already paid for their session (between newborn and 1 year) will get first dibs.  Weekdays will be available while my guys are in school and I will be accepting ONE sunset shoot during the week (but must take place in Wilson County).  During Fall Break I will be available the 13th through the 16th for Sunset shoots.  My weekends are set for Oct 4th + 18th, Nov 8th + 15th and December 6th.

I know this is  completely different than years past and chances are I won’t be able to accommodate everyone…. but as always, I will do my very best.  I look forward to an AMAZING Fall Season filled with clients who love LOVE, laughter and life.  You can book by emailing me (go to contact tab above) first thing AUGUST 4th!  Retainers will be required to hold your date.

Looking forward to capturing YOUR LIFE during my favorite season of the year!

X’s and O’s, SaraRose

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love, pups and baby

Expecting.  One of my favorite sessions to do is maternity.  I know what JOY is headed their way and I couldn’t be more excited to capture the incredible journey they are about to experience.

Hope you will show the love to brand new friends of mine and new to SRP.  Expecting Baby.

X’s and O’s, SaraRose

middle tennessee maternity photographermiddle tennessee maternity photographer 2middle tennessee maternity photographer 3middle tennessee maternity photographer 4middle tennessee maternity photographer 5


Jennye - What a CUTE session! The photos with the sun peering over the building are especially stunning!

Kristina - I just LOVE these so much, Sara! Such a cute couple and love the sweet pups, too! So sweet! That location is so beautiful! I think that needs to be our Fall spot! Love seeing your work – it’s ALWAYS so beautiful! :) Love you, friend! ♥

Carrie - So many beautiful pictures! I don’t know how I would ever decide what to print!

Dee - Sweet pics!!

Leigh - Ahhh…what’s not to love about a couple in love, a baby on the way, and sweet puppies to boot? Beautiful session, Sara!

April - Love.Love.Love.

Christina - So sweet. I love the pups and the field shots where they are running and looking at that sweet baby bump. It’s precious.

Sarah Addison - These are great! Thank you for capturing the love of two wonderful people (and Emmy and Delilah).

Lara Craig - Ohhhhh. I love this one! Makes me really want to bring the pups for our next session.

Sandy - What a beautiful family!! Love!!!

Shelia - You have captured my daughter and her husband in such a beautiful way! The photos brought tears to my eyes.

Jessica @ The Budget Savvy Bride - Gorgeous!! So happy for my sweet friends- you captured them beautifully :) LOVE!!

Peggy Taylor - Looking good!! Thanks for sharing….. A family of four; soon to be five!! Loveyou

Cat Julian - Absolute perfection! Such beautiful photos of two super sweet people!

words that inspire me

Happy Monday, Friends!

I thought I’d start this week off with some of my favorite words that inspire me. Maybe they will inspire you?

I love positive words that fill my soul, encourage my heart and just all around lift me up. Sometimes I will pin words that mean something to me during a certain journey in my life (sometimes a little deep), but all are close to my heart.

Are you on Pinterest? Well, if you are and you’d like a board to follow with only words that will inspire then go here.  (you will find all the sources of these amazing graphics there)

Happy Day to you!

X’s and O’s, SaraRose

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