On this journey with me

At the beginning of 2015, I wrote down these words for the first entry in my journal : ‘I don’t really want more time; I just want enough time. Time to breathe deep and time to see real and time to laugh long, time to give God Glory and rest deep and sing joy….I just want time to do my one life well.’ Ann Voskamp shared those words and when I read them at the end of 2014 I knew I wanted to hold them close to my heart as I began 2015. It’s no secret that this year has been life changing for me. A hard, but beautiful story all covered by the Grace of God and His promises.  A story I hope to be able to share one day. I’ve always said “I am going to write a book one day!!”…maybe that is the story God wants me to tell.

As this year is coming to a close I’ve thought a lot about the work I’ve done and what it all means. Does it all mean something? Am I still capturing laughter and life, all because of love? Am I still capturing YOUR story? I think so. I truly want to believe that this year in all it’s twists and turns has been a defining year in my work, who I am, and where I hope to be in the years to come. And, what’s to come? I have no idea. I am just so grateful to be right where I am today knowing with my whole heart Who I walk this journey for. Whether this journey keeps me doing what I’ve been doing the past 5 years or if it takes me deeper. I am ready.

2015 was a year to remember. So, with my whole heart to all of you who have let me capture YOUR life in 2015, THANK YOU. May the New Year bring you peace and joy. I love y’all for being on this journey with me.





Laura - “Does it all mean something? Am I still capturing laughter and life, all because of love? Am I still capturing YOUR story?”

YES! A thousand times YES! =) You have blessed my family with a gift that money cannot buy. MY house is a SRP art gallery! =) We love you and your work. God uses your talents for amazing things. The joy so many get from your gifts is one that can only come from talent given from the Lord. You bless us with photography AND your unconditional, loving spirit. Thank you for ALL you do! Love you!

Not over yet

Every week I planned to sit down and write another post and share favorites from each shoot. Every week I planned….and planned…and it never happened. The list kept growing, but TODAY after looking at my to do list being at just 7 shoots to edit, I decided it was TIME. Gosh, what a season sisters. WHAT.A.SEASON. It’s been incredible. Six years, guys. 6 years I’ve been on this journey. Capturing life, love, and happiness. Y’all know I dig the happiness. It feeds my soul right up. I want you to be able to walk around your house and see your perfectly imperfect beautiful life right in front of you. Sometimes we forget, ya know? I know I do!

I don’t have a journal for y’all to read today, but I do have these sweet precious faces for you to look at. They all have my heart. You guys keep coming back and I will FOREVER be grateful for that gift to know your love, feel your love, and capture you love.

But, it’s not over yet. I have a few more weeks and then I wrap up my FAVORITE year yet. Closing the books with more gratitude than I knew existed.


PS — 2016 is right around the corner, so 1st quarter (jan, feb, march) opens UP for BOOKING on December 7th!!


Jill Norris - You’ve been busy! Great sessions Sara!!

everybody wants to be loved

When I first started this business there was a song by Ingrid Michaelson that played on repeat over and over and over in my head. Kind of like an anthem for my business. I heard it yesterday for the first time in a long time and it took me back to the beginning. Songs do that for me. Here are some of the lyrics :

We have fallen down again tonight/In this world it’s hard to get it right/Trying to make your heart fit like a glove/What it needs is love, love, love

Happy is the heart that still feels pain/Darkness drains and light will come again/Swing open up your chest and let it in/Just let the love, love, love begin

Everybody, everybody wants to love/Everybody wants to be loved

When the song came on, I stopped and smiled. I was overwhelmed that I had feelings of complete happiness and gratitude for this business; how far I’ve come, the clients who have been with me for years, the clients I’ve only met once, and the clients I am soon to meet for the very first time. Watching families grow, crying with moms when it’s tough, capturing generations, and saying goodbye to those grandparents who have gone home to the Lord. Running a business is hard stuff. But, it’s filled with so much good stuff, too. I always talk about the journey (well, when I use to blog all the time!), but it’s been a ride. But, a ride that has been filled with so much LOVE.

October is here and it’s welcoming me with a calendar full. I pray I am reminded why I started this journey in the first place and Who I walk this journey for.

I love you guys! Thanks for opening up your hearts and allowing the love, love, love in.




Courtney - All.SO.GORGEOUS! Thank you, Sara Rose :)

captured life

I am still here! I am still here!

So thankful for this year of growth both personally and professionally. And, although I don’t share work like I used to, this has been my favorite year by far.

Y’all let me into your hearts and because of that gift, I am able to capture life. I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from the past several weeks. Cherish these memories forever and ever, guys.

Love you all!



So keep on, keeping on, keeping on

Oh, summer. Just like that, we are nearing your time to be behind us. Back to school. Back to routines. Back to super early morning wake up calls. Back to homework, early nights, and trying to savor every bit of our babies as they grow into who they will become. Come Monday, my two will be walking into 2nd and 3rd grade. Each one on different sides of their elementary school. Big will be changing classes for the first time. And, little will be the biggest on his side of the school. How does it happen? I mean, I know how and why it happens. But, how does it seem to happen overnight? The first ever newborns I photographed will be walking into big school as kindergartners this year. Some of the first teens I photographed will be walking into their senior year this year. And, some of the first seniors I ever photographed will be heading out into the real world as they earn their college degree. How did THAT happen?

I love the song ‘To The Dreamers’ by for KING and COUNTRY. Especially these lyrics :

God knows you question your courage
And some days I can’t walk for stumbling
If we could only see what we’re becoming
So keep on, keeping on, keeping on

I like to believe that no matter your age, those lyrics mean something. It’s a beautiful bittersweet journey to grow. I look back on the summer with so much sincere happiness and thankfulness. It was the first summer I truly felt like I took it slow and captured some wonderful moments. I spent most of evenings at the lake at sunset. Or, some early mornings with families at their home. I spent a LOT of time at home or visiting my family. I haven’t shared much, but just focused on delivering beautiful work to my clients. My focus is taking a pretty hefty shift, but my heart remains the same. It’s been a BEAUTIFUL summer capturing life, love, and so much happiness.

So, summer 2015. You’ve been so good to me. I hope you know how grateful I am, even when I do not shout it out loud like years past.

As I say goodbye to this amazing summer, I smile. I love all of these sweet families with my whole heart.




Jamie Sapp - What a beautiful summer you had! These are all so great!! xo

baby boy at 9 months

I adore this sweet bub and his precious parents!  I am traveling back to May for this shoot.  But, after getting over a dozen notifications last night from instagram because mom was sharing her favorites, I knew I needed to do a blog just for Luke with ‘parents favorites’.  I told Chelsea that I know how limited of time everyone has during the summer and that I am guilty of overwhelming my viewers with too much content.  The solution?  To simplify my blogs for the rest of summer!  Sound good to y’all?!  Hope SO!

This boy, though.  Definitely one of the HAPPIEST little guys around.  He has a constant smile on his face and just so go with the flow.  Every single shoot is wonderful and I just love capturing LIFE for them.  Can’t believe we are getting so close to him being ONE.  It’s going to be hard stuff not seeing his precious soul every 3 months.

I adore you, little buddy!  Thanks for bringing so much sunshine into my life.




i’m so proud of this little girl

‘I’m so proud of this little girl’ the mom wrote me this morning.

For most of my blogs I overwhelm you guys with 100’s of my favorite images. Can you imagine being my client who often times receives more? I have always felt that these sessions are for YOU. I have never been great about narrowing down, but have done a pretty good job of giving way too many. It’s just what I do. I like to tell a story and most stories take some time to build up to the super happy, awesome, quiet, silly….and every thing in between moments. Those ‘in betweens’ are often my favorite anyway.

Before I went to bed last night I noticed Hana posted some of her favorites for friends & family to see. I love seeing which images mean the most. Maybe speak to the mom in some way? Whatever it is, I love it. So, I thought it would be pretty cool to just share ‘mom’s picks’ this blog. I mean, she IS one of my favorite moms ever.

‘I’m so proud of this little girl’ Hana wrote me this morning. But, I am proud of them BOTH.

Have a wonderful & safe holiday weekend, friends. Surround yourself with all the love in the world.




Jill Norris - Beautiful session!!