let love grow

Oh, the stories these sweet families let me be a part of, y’all!  Eryn said ‘I have one thing I want to use and then we can just go play.’ She pulled out a cute sign and I was all ‘Oh, that’s cute…okay…. WAIT.  Does that mean what I think it means?!!!!’.  It’s one of my favorite parts of this job is being a part of a beautiful story that is constantly changing and growing!  I could write a book, but I am just going to let Eryn take the stage and let this beautiful session do the rest!  WHAT A SESSION, guys!!!  Can’t wait to meet BABY.


Words from Eryn : ‘There was never a doubt in my mind that I would fall in love with my pictures from Sara E. Rose! Each session seems to show exactly what that time of life is like for our family. The pictures are all beautiful reminders of this beautiful life I have been given with my sweet little family. This last session was probably one of my favorites, if that is even possible because I love them all! The colors, the background, the smiles on our faces, the way my little baby is now a toddler, everything is so perfect! This session was also very special to us because Avery is becoming a BIG brother in November and Sara captured some of the sweetest pictures of him with his Big Brother sign. He looks so excited in the pictures. My heart is so full to know what is in store during this next chapter for our family. We are so blessed to be a family of 3 with so much love, I can’t possibly imagine the love our family of 4 will share this fall! Looking forward to seeing our next baby’s first year in pictures and seeing the sibling love that our two children will share! The gift Sara gives us with each session is something I will never take for granted and something that I will ALWAYS cherish, for she is capturing my wonderful, beautiful life!!!’


SRP is currently booked through JUNE. But, the good news is that JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER OPEN up for booking on Monday, May 4th!! Saturday’s are limited and will go FAST. Don’t wait!! Hope to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones, too. I’d love to capture YOUR LIFE!


live in the sunshine

I was sitting in the coffee shop with a new ministry team and as we went around the table we were asked a few questions. First, introduce yourself. How’d you find the church? What made you come back? Tell us a little about what you do everyday. After I got done, she said “share your gift with everyone”. At first I was confused. What gift? And, then I thought maybe she was referring to my photography so I quickly answered “I take pictures of children everyday and it’s amazing”. After I left the coffee shop I thought about how it’s so much more than just taking photos of little ones. And, that I WISH I could of answered that question without doubt in my heart. We all have gifts. Every single one of us. Yes, I believe I see things differently than most. Yes, I feel like I feel things differently, too. Sometimes those ‘gifts’ are HARD. So hard. But, you know when it’s beautiful? It’s beautiful and overwhelming in the best way when I get to spend time with a family and capture their love. When I am in the moment I never doubt what I see and what I am able to give back to them. Never. Beautiful reminders of what is most important in this life. I love handing those over. I believe that’s what I’ve been called to do. And, I hope it’s a huge part of who I am for a very long time.  What are your gifts?  I hope you will share them with the world.

This family has spent several hours with me over the years. I remember the first time we met when they were pregnant with Vada. It was magical. “My Girl” was their slideshow song. When they brought Vada home in August and we captured them as a brand new family of three. And, at 3 months we took photos while Vada looked at ornaments that belonged to Shelley’s mom. Then a little while later I got the email they were expecting again and they met me down by the lake to capture life before Addie. Some of my favorite maternity photos happened that evening. Some of my favorite photos always happen with this family. Their beauty is soul deep. The kind of beautiful love that makes you want to wrap your arms around them and never let them go. It’s just easy. Thankful they love, laugh, and just are who they are.  My kind of people.

Shelley wrote : ‘There is absolutely nothing I value more in this life, than the love and togetherness I have in my family. It’s worth so much more than words could ever describe. They are my strength…. They are my weakness…. They are my everything…. Those three have taken me on such a purpose filled adventure, teaching me so much along the way. I am so proud for them to be MY family. I still find myself in awe of them and the blessing I have been given, thru them. I undoubtedly owe Him my thanks. With all my heart, I am honored to be their mom and his wife.’

See what I mean about beauty is soul deep?  Hope you enjoy our latest session as much as we all did!






stand in my corner
wrestle with me
be my superhero
believe in my dreams
go on adventures
partners in crime
be my best friend

I love this family.  I love every single shoot we have together.  But, this one was extra special to me.  This is what love looks like…..




Happy in the springtime

Can y’all tell the sun has been good for my soul lately? And, I am not even sharing ALL of the sessions. If I had an extra 5 hours in the day, I would!!

This sweet crew is no stranger to my camera. They have become dear friends who I enjoy seeing twice a year now. Once in the spring and once in the fall. Can I just say how much Spring sessions fill my soul up?! No one is worried about Christmas card photos. Everyone is just excited to PLAY with their kiddos. And, this year everyone is just HAPPY to be out of the house with the sun shining down. I am loving it!

Such a fun family shoot that I couldn’t wait to share!

Now, to get caught up on editing and pick which one I want to share next.




into the light

These are some of my most favorite friends who have been with me the longest. See, I’ve been photographing big brother since he was 8 months old. So many sessions later and I want to share our latest (and our favorite!). I am not going to tell you how many reschedules I’ve had already this year because of weather. I try not to focus on the hard. So, I am going to focus on the AWESOME. Occasionally we’ve had these amazing days that end with the most beautiful sunsets I can remember. A few weeks ago I got an email from Jess about their Saturday session. I wrote her back and just said “You couldn’t get everyone together and meet me at sunset today, could you? TODAY IS BEAUTIFUL!”. She made it happen. And, it was by far the most wonderful session we’ve had. It took the stress out of knowing that “Saturday is picture day!” Spur of the moment, guys. “We are going to see Miss Sara today, kiddos!”. We played. We laughed. We loved. I captured THEM.

This is MY kind of family session. Loved it so much!

More sessions coming, guys…More light & love! YAY!