Been there from the beginning

A little over five years ago I started this journey.  I started with a full heart, but with lots to learn.  I remember the advice “Sara, don’t steer your business with your heart so much.”  But, I also heard the little voice that often whispered “Sara, Just Be You”.  I can’t “just be me” if my heart doesn’t play the biggest part.  If you personally know me, you know this to be a very true statement.  But, running a business with your heart can be HARD.  So hard.  But, sisters…I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I would not be the photographer that I am today without my heart.  I know I wouldn’t be surrounded by the amazing families that I am every single day.  And, I truly believe I wouldn’t be able to say that this sweet baby boy below ….”B”…..I’ve been photographing since he was brand new!  Sweet Brennan.  Five years ago his momma would be the FIRST momma to hire me as newborn and baby’s first year photographer.  For 5 years I’ve watched him grow.  I’ve watched his family grow.  And, now I get to watch him become a big brother to his sister, June.

So, I plan to keep on steering this ship with my big ‘ole crooked heart.  I plan to love and laugh with all the precious littles because they make life WONDERFUL.  And, I plan to Capture Life as long as I am able.  Thanks for hanging on, Wards.  And, thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart for believing in me from the start.

All my Love, SR




Wendy - You are just amazing! Love your heart!

growing love down in pulaski

Happy brand new week, friends!

I am so thankful to be able to look at my client list and say for more than a few “I’ve been capturing their life since the beginning”.  There are so many WONDERFUL photographers in this area and to be able to say that most have stayed loyal to SRP is overwhelming in the most beautiful way possible.  This is one of those special families.  I have been photographing them since big brother Jett was in momma’s belly.  Then came Stevi James (who was born on my birthday!!!) and now baby brother is well on his way.  I’ve driven down to Pulaski several times, they’ve met me in Nashville when my schedule needed them to and I have even met them at their “other home” at Rock Island.  So, when I say they are a special family to me…I mean it with my whole heart.  They truly allow me to “Capture Life”.   What a gift they are to my soul.

Can’t wait to start a First Year all over again with you guys.  Capturing you as a family of 5 is going to be incredible.

Love you with my whole heart, Vanderpool Family!




Carrie Pfeiffer - Another beautiful shoot, Sara! I love, love, love the shots with the popsicles! Too sweet!

Little Miss Sunshine

Two days of blogging in a ROW, sisters!! Can you believe it? It’s because the sessions lately have been over the top, full of life and just what my heart needed. So, it was due time to celebrate these beautiful sessions by sharing them with you.

This family is so special to me for many reasons.  I graduated high school with dad, have fallen in love with his beautiful wife Jenny over the years and have been overjoyed with watching their family grow.  Now, their little Miss Sunshine Ryan takes the cake.  Can you handle this toe headed blue eyed baby girl?  This family is just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.  Can’t WAIT to spend this next year with baby #2 and capturing their new life as a family of FOUR.

So, I hope you will leave some love for this precious family after you scroll through their latest session at the Park.  We laughed, giggled, ran, slowed it down to capture gorgeous Momma’s belly, played some more and ended down by the water.  It was a treat.

See you soon, Kolka’s!!

Love you tons, SR



Carli - This is unbelievably adorable! They are all phenomenal but I particularly like the ones of Ryan on the bridge with her lion. PRECIOUS!

holcombe is one down in leipers fork

I’m here! I’m here! Just trying to figure out this new life that involves 1st and 2nd grade!! My T keeps reminding me that this is “just the beginning” of homework life. Maybe one day I will get the hang of it and won’t feel like I am on the comedy show “are you smarter than….”. But, that’s not why you are here, is it? You’re here to see PICTURES of this cutie patootie.

A few weeks ago on one early Friday morning I drove down to Leiper’s Fork to meet this precious crew so we could celebrate their little guy turning ONE. It was such a FUN session. It’s nice to step away from my normal stops and spend some time somewhere new. It inspires me. Can you even handle all the colors? Between the yellow door, orange door, plaid drapes, greenery galore, the Tennessee sign, the LIGHT!!! and the love…I was in.heaven.

I adore you little man Holcombe. You have a pretty special set of parents that I love, too. Do you know how talented your momma is?? CHECK HER OUT HERE!   You make sure to tell your momma that I need to see your sweet face before you get too big, okay?

Love you Bunches, SR



Jill - Love the blogs! Really beautiful session Sara! xoxo

Katherine Rauscher - Love the ones especially in front of the orange doors and then the further away shot of the yellow door with them and the flowers. Great pics.

Elizabeth - Who are those handsome boys?? :) beautiful as usual!! We miss you!! xo

Jack and Caroline


Can you believe we are about to welcome FALL? I can’t believe it. But, before we rush into Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (wait, already there), mums and full fledge fall decorating I wanted to celebrate SUMMER. It was a great one. One that was too fast for many. One that brought many HOT days (still bringing, too) but can we please not forget those beautiful random breezy days that reminded us that we are blessed. Days that brought gorgeous sun and light. MY FAVORITE. So much so that I knew when I edited this session there would be no black and white images. I wanted to show full color of what was so vivid that day. Give me light. Give me Love. That’s all this girl with a camera needs.

I adore you, Newman Family. Can’t believe Caroline is ONE. Can’t believe this is the end of a second Baby’s First Year. Not seeing you all every 3 months is sure going to be tough!

Here’s to family, y’all. Oh, light & love, too.

X’s and O’s, SaraRose

middle tennessee family photographer 1middle tennessee family photographer 2middle tennessee family photographer 3middle tennessee family photographer 4middle tennesse family photographer 4middle tennessee family photographer 5


Lara Craig - Beautiful. Love the barn and big tractor. Where is this?

Christina - Those kiddos are so sweet hugging each other! Amazing work, they are beautiful family photos!

cade is three

So much that is on my heart about this session, but the words just aren’t coming out the way I want them to.  No matter what, I want to capture a child the way the family sees them.  The happiness.  The REAL happiness that gets parents through the day.  You know why?  Because they will have it captured to be reminded of that beautiful smile when they need it most.  After I left this sweet family at their last session I knew I had photographed something absolutely beautiful  that would show mom & dad that Cade is growing, he is learning, he is thriving.  Our children are gifts.  Thankful I get to remind parents of that every single day.

From Ashley :

Sara has been capturing our precious Cade for three years now.  She first met Cade when he was just 10 days old.  His first year was picture perfect and we have the photos to prove it.  At thirteen months, Cade stopped talking and started to do a few unusual things but as a new mom, I thought this was just a phase.   During his eighteen month photo session, I noticed that it was harder for Sara to get Cade’s attention and he was still not talking.  Three short months later, and after a visit with his pediatrician, we were at Vanderbilt being tested for an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).   Receiving his diagnosis was very hard but as with all things, it got easier with time.

Having a child with autism changes your life.  It teaches you to appreciate the small things that most people would not even notice.  You find yourself overwhelmed with joy by the smallest sounds your child makes or any time he imitates you without being prompted to do so.  And every year when it is picture time, just as I do every Sunday before church or every time we go to a birthday party, I pray that Cade doesn’t feel overwhelmed and is able to really show people how wonderful he is.  His picture session this year proves just how far he has come since his diagnosis.  Sara captured Cade pointing, smiling, laughing, and giving me his undivided attention.  For most parents, this is expected but for our family, this was huge.  Cade never ceases to amaze me and I know he will continue to do so for many more days to come.

As for Sara, we are so very grateful that she photographs our family every year.  She is so understanding and so very patient.  I know that every family she captures has a story and ours just happens to be that we are blessed with a beautiful boy with autism.  Autism affects 1 in 68 children and for boys, it is 1 in 42.  Early intervention is key so if ever in doubt, ask your pediatrician.


middle tennessee family photographer autism 1middle tennessee family photographer autism 2middle tennessee family photographer autism 3middle tennessee family photographer autism 4


Sarah - I have had the amazing privilege of being a sister to Ashley, sister-in-law to Caleb, and an aunt to Cade. My sister is the most generous and outstanding person that I have ever met. She’s so strong and patient and has been the best mom in the world to my precious Nugget. The way that you, Sara, capture the essence of this family brings me to tears with every session you do! I want to thank you for your talent and for being able to truly capture the happiness and love that this family has for one another and for life in general.

Angela Z - Just beautiful images Sara! Such a sweet sweet family, and you captured them amazingly!

Booking Fall NOW

Can’t believe it’s time!!  Booking my favorite season and wrapping up 2014 is here, y’all!  So, please don’t wait as dates will go quick….especially those limited Saturday’s.  I can’t WAIT to capture YOUR LIFE.  I can’t WAIT to see all the beautiful Christmas cards this year.  I had a dad tell me the other day “I don’t know what we’d do without our pictures, Sara Rose.”  I am so grateful that it means as much to them as it does to me.  Life goes by fast and my motto always is if you can live in a beautiful moment then take it all in, but if you have the ability to capture it while living it…well, that’s a beautiful thing.  Pictures are not just to show off your cute babies.  Pictures are for your children and for generations to come.  Let me capture your story so you don’t have to say a word.  Let me capture YOUR LIFE so you have these beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.   I want to capture your life, your love and your happiness.  I would be honored.

Hope to see you when the leaves start changing and the lights start twinklin’.

All my Love, SaraRose

To get an idea on where my prices start go HERE and if you still would love to book a session please go up to that Contact tab.  I would love to see some familiar faces, but also meet some brand new friends, too.

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