what they see matters

Kinsley kept talking about the ducks. “Mrs. Sara take a picture of the little one….the momma…all of them…… Did you see the ducks, Mrs. Sara? ……They’re so cute, Mrs. Sara! Do you see?….. Oh my goodness look at them, Mrs. Sara!” I saw them. I see them every single time I am down there shooting or watching the sun rise and set. But, I never really saw them the way Kinsley and her honest 6 year old beautiful soul saw them. She loved them. So, I took the time to see them the way she did. I wish I could do that more often. I wonder how much of something so beautiful, something so wild and free, I have missed? Thank you, Kinsley, for teaching me something that beautiful night down by the lake.

I adore this family. I have been photographing them since Kinsley was 3 months old. She is now a month away from going into first grade! I have watched her grow for 6 years and her sweet baby sis, Kyleigh, for 2. It’s something truly special being a part of someones life, capturing it, from the very beginning.

Forever Thankful.




Desiree - Love love love these pics!!! Kinsley was thrilled with all of the duck pictures. She has looked at them twice already! We had such a fun time. Always great getting to catch up with you & beautiful pictures to top it off!

eliana is one

It’s like with most anything, until you experience it for yourself, you never truly understand it’s beauty and magic. That’s how I feel about my little special secret spot by the lake. Especially at sunset. Especially during the summer. And, if I could talk every family into giving it “just one try”, I would.

What a special shoot this was to me! We have one more month before school gets going again! And, I have just one or two spots left this summer for a sunset shoot down by the lake. Would love to meet you down by the waters edge and introduce you to my heaven on earth!




wren 4 months

Guys! It’s almost JULY. What in the world? Hope you are finding some time (even just a little bit) to make some wonderful memories with your family this summer. It just goes by so fast!

Speaking of going fast. Sweet little Wren is 4 months already! I wish I could spend all my days with this crew because they are just so very precious to me. What a joy it was to be with them on that beautiful sunny morning at their home.

Thankful always.




To the moon & back my love

To the moon & back my love.

Gosh, I love this family. Sometimes I have a lot of words to share and sometimes I just want the pictures to do the talking for me.

What beautiful mornings I always have with this sweet family of four. Grateful for the gift of capturing their life for a few years now. Something I will never take for granted.




Hope is amazing

I love this sweet family with my whole heart.

This is their story. Told by the sweetest, most humble momma ever, Amelia.

We first met sweet Sara when Mason was six months old, feels just like yesterday. As we drove away from that session, I told my husband I wanted to be her friend (not just a client). You see, she just has this way of capturing your heart 💛.

In May 2014, we found out we were expecting baby #2! At our 9 week ultrasound we were completely heartbroken to learn our sweet babies heart wasn’t beating. We were devastated and had no idea where to begin picking up the pieces. We weren’t angry, but we were broken and missing a huge chunk of our hearts. Night after night I rocked Mason to sleep and I would cry and pray. I prayed that we would always celebrate and remember our sweet baby, that I would be strong for Mason and that one day our hearts would be open to trying again. I also prayed that I would one day be strong enough to share our story and to love on others that shared that same heartbreak. I truly let God take my heart and guide me.

We were still scared. Scared to relive that pain and emptiness. But, we trusted God. Trusted his plan more than ours. Trusted that he would continue to carry us. And he did! Six months after we lost our Angel Baby we went in for our first ultrasound. And there, in that room that had held so many tears, we watched as the ultrasound revealed not ONE but TWO hearts beating. Two babies, twins, identical twins! We were shocked, amazed, terrified, relieved but mostly THANKFUL. Thankful for those two precious beating hearts.

On May 11th, 2015, we welcomed our two rainbow babies. They are perfect and I see his promises every day in their smiles. HOPE is amazing. Trusting God is amazing. Never once did we ever walk alone!

And I believe that God knew we needed Sara in those moments and along this journey. She walked with us, cried with us and celebrated with us! We will never be able to put into words how grateful we are for her ability to capture not only our most happy, but hopeful and humbling moments. She captures our story. We love you Sara Rose!



don’t forget to play

“Don’t forget to play!” Anytime I shared my business story, I always shared that quote at the end. To remind new friends that life gets busy, you will get overwhelmed, but “don’t forget to play”! As the years have passed and I add another year to being in business, I’ve realized that quote wasn’t just about my personal life. That quote was heavy on my heart because it’s how I hope I not only live my life, but how I want to capture life. I would much rather run around with your tot, than forcing them to sit still. I would much rather capture them running through the flowers clutching to your new baby bump on their own, than me asking them. I would much rather photograph you together authentically. It’s so beautiful, guys. It truly is.

These are the days you’ll remember. The days she loved the flowers. The days she wrapped her arms around daddy. The days she grabbed your cheeks so she could kiss you. The days she giggled from deep in her belly as you danced together. As you jumped together. As you played together. The days before her baby sister arrived. The days when it was just you 3.

I love to capture those days.

Emme Claire, I loved this day with you.




brand new

They welcomed me into their home. They welcomed me into their hearts. That’s the very best thing about capturing new babies at their home sweet home.

These are the days we cherish. Welcome to this world, baby Canaan. You are loved!