love, pups and baby

Expecting.  One of my favorite sessions to do is maternity.  I know what JOY is headed their way and I couldn’t be more excited to capture the incredible journey they are about to experience.

Hope you will show the love to brand new friends of mine and new to SRP.  Expecting Baby.

X’s and O’s, SaraRose

middle tennessee maternity photographermiddle tennessee maternity photographer 2middle tennessee maternity photographer 3middle tennessee maternity photographer 4middle tennessee maternity photographer 5


Jennye - What a CUTE session! The photos with the sun peering over the building are especially stunning!

Kristina - I just LOVE these so much, Sara! Such a cute couple and love the sweet pups, too! So sweet! That location is so beautiful! I think that needs to be our Fall spot! Love seeing your work – it’s ALWAYS so beautiful! :) Love you, friend! ♥

Carrie - So many beautiful pictures! I don’t know how I would ever decide what to print!

Dee - Sweet pics!!

Leigh - Ahhh…what’s not to love about a couple in love, a baby on the way, and sweet puppies to boot? Beautiful session, Sara!

April - Love.Love.Love.

Christina - So sweet. I love the pups and the field shots where they are running and looking at that sweet baby bump. It’s precious.

Sarah Addison - These are great! Thank you for capturing the love of two wonderful people (and Emmy and Delilah).

Lara Craig - Ohhhhh. I love this one! Makes me really want to bring the pups for our next session.

Sandy - What a beautiful family!! Love!!!

Shelia - You have captured my daughter and her husband in such a beautiful way! The photos brought tears to my eyes.

Jessica @ The Budget Savvy Bride - Gorgeous!! So happy for my sweet friends- you captured them beautifully :) LOVE!!

Peggy Taylor - Looking good!! Thanks for sharing….. A family of four; soon to be five!! Loveyou

words that inspire me

Happy Monday, Friends!

I thought I’d start this week off with some of my favorite words that inspire me. Maybe they will inspire you?

I love positive words that fill my soul, encourage my heart and just all around lift me up. Sometimes I will pin words that mean something to me during a certain journey in my life (sometimes a little deep), but all are close to my heart.

Are you on Pinterest? Well, if you are and you’d like a board to follow with only words that will inspire then go here.  (you will find all the sources of these amazing graphics there)

Happy Day to you!

X’s and O’s, SaraRose

middle tennessee family photographer sara e rose


kyleigh brand new

I have been so blessed to watch this family grown since big sister was 3 months old.  She turns 5 this year!!  Can’t even believe it.  She’s my muse.  Just gets in front of my camera and performs.  I think little sister is going to follow quite nicely in her footsteps.  Here’s to another amazing year of Capturing Life, their life.  It’s going to be beautiful watching them continue to grow.

Meet Kyleigh and catch up with this sweet family that I love with all of my heart.

X’s and O’s, SaraRose

middle tennessee family photographer 1middle tennessee family photographer 2middle tennessee family photographer 3middle tennessee family photographer 4


Desiree - I am so in love with these pictures!!! We are so thankful to have you in our lives over the past few years. Thank you for capturing such beautiful memories once again.

Christina - So So So Sweet and beautiful! That sleeping, smiling baby is precious and adorable with her big sister.

banks family

Two blogs in one week!  I am listening….

This year was the first year in a while that I have started to accept new clients.  And, I am so glad I did.  This sweet family is new to SRP and just a JOY to be around.  We spent an early Saturday morning together right down the street from their home.  I told them all I need is a family in love and beautiful light and the magic will happen.  Magic did happen.  This is my kind of family shoot…..

Wishing everyone a safe 4th of July!  Hope you guys are surrounded by those you love the most and making memories to last a lifetime!

X’s and O’s, SaraRose

middle tennessee family photographer 1middle tennessee family photographer 2middle tennessee family photographer 3


Martha Duke - These are all amazing! Love everyone of them, can’t help it if I’m a little partial, being I’m Mimi!! Thanks Sara Rose for capturing the love!

Debbie Banks - Nana agrees with Mimi! Great pictures!

addie is 9 months

March was the last time I blogged.  MARCH!  I know I have been posting away on my Facebook Page, but I have got to get better about blogging.  Boys start school in a month (where has the time gone?), so I hopefully will do better about sharing some of the most beautiful sessions I have had over the past few months and those in the future.  Can y’all believe we are half way through the year?  I sure can’t!  But, it’s been a GOOD year.

I got out of the car to meet this special family.  A family that I have been photographing since their oldest was in the womb.  A family that has let me into their hearts since the beginning.  I got out of the car to thunder.  Shelley said “let’s shoot, Sara”.  So, we did.   Shelley knew that no matter what was going on with the weather we could have one incredible shoot.  And, we did.  It was windy for a little bit, thunder for a short time and then rain.  Through out it all we made it happen and just focused on what we were there to capture…Life, Love and Happiness.  Thankful for them.

Sure hope you guys are loving Summer and taking it all in as much as possible.  We sure are.

X’s and O’s, SaraRose

middmiddle tennessee family photographer 2


Stephanie hayden - Such a beautiful family! I swear they could l be professional models!

Kim - I love love the water pics. And those flowers!

Sarah - Sara, I LOVE this location! Where did you shoot? Such a beautiful family and background :)
See you in a few weeks :)

Lara Craig - Love this session! Where did you shoot? Can we do Bryce here? The location is incredible. Baby Addie’s dress with the scalloped edges is adorable. Sara, you know I love when you blog sessions and we can see the whole story unfold!

April - Sara!!! so glad you are back to blogging!! I love seeing your beautiful work! Love these pictures!

Rebecca - Love!!! As always!!! You captured so much love between this family!!! Love that everyone else gets to see your amazing ART and LOVE!!!

Christina - Those are just beautiful! Love the yellow flower shots, and the mom and dad shot. The most precious is the daddy and his little girl (last one shown)

Leigh - Those water shots are so perfect! Glad the weather didn’t hold you or this sweet family back from an amazing shoot.

audrey is one

I first met this sweet crew when big brother was just a few years old.  Dressed up in his Woody Costume I knew we would be fast friends.  Now, that big boy is SIX and has a little sis that I’ve been spending this past year photographing at brand new, 6 months and one year!  First year babies will always hold a special place in my heart because I get to watch them grow and I get to know families really well.  I have loved every session with this crew.  We laugh, we play, we talk and I shoot.  This particular February Saturday was beautiful and sunny.  Fill it with a sweet happy family, my new kelbysews heart quilt, a successful smash cake, sunshine and love…well, my friends, you’ve got yourself a session I love!  Hope you enjoy them, too!

Have a great week, friends!!


p.s. my boys are on Spring Break for two weeks (3/3-3/16) so I won’t be quick to answer emails.  So, please be patient and give me a day or two to answer.  ALSO, I am starting a new project today for BGA in Franklin that I can’t wait to share the details about!  Last thing, April 1st….July, August, September bookings open up!  Remember that Saturday’s are limited.  Hope to hear from you guys.

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the geniune article captured and cherished

I have started typing away….backspace….re-typing…backspace.  It’s like I have no idea where to even start this post.  Quite rare.  It’s like I have so much I want to say about THIS session & THIS family, but words aren’t coming out the way I’d hope they would.  So, I am just going to write this….I had a SO-fun session celebrating Emma Cole at 15 months a few Wednesday’s ago.  It was an early session at the Factory in Franklin, but the sun was shining!  The SUN!!!  We haven’t seen it much this year.  But, on this particular day it was shining bright.  I know I am not the only soul who needed it.  Anyway, this particular session was special.  This family always comes into sessions trusting me completely and just letting it flow naturally.  In the past it has taken Emma a bit to get comfortable, but not this time.  Nothing in this world that I want more than the sweet babies to trust me and to have fun during picture time.   I told Amy after the session that this one would be amazing.  Probably her favorite.  It’s easy to capture LOVE & JOY when it’s shining brightly for you to see.

What I didn’t expect is that when I would send the slideshow that Amy would send me the most beautiful words ANYONE has ever sent me after a session.  I cried.  Shared it with my husband.  Cried some more.  This year has been completely different ball game for SRP.  I’ve slowed down tremendously.  My own choice.  But, it’s been different.  Being so busy in the past I never had time to let self-doubt creep in.  Oh, but now…it’s screaming loud in my ear…all of the time.  But, gosh.  When Amy sent this…it was like The Lord told  her to speak to me…. “don’t give up, Sara….keep doing YOU and you will be okay”.  So, Amy…you truly have no idea what your words did to my spirit.  I love this job.  I love capturing LIFE.  And, I pray every single day I get to do it for a very long time for people just like YOU…….

AMYnashville tennessee family photographer 1nashville tennessee family photographer 2nashville tennessee family photographer 3nashville tennessee family photographer 4nashville tennessee family photographer 5nashville tennessee family photographer 6nashville tennessee family photographer 7


Kelly B. - Beautiful family, beautiful photos, beautiful love! xoxoxo