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I first met this sweet crew when big brother was just a few years old.  Dressed up in his Woody Costume I knew we would be fast friends.  Now, that big boy is SIX and has a little sis that I’ve been spending this past year photographing at brand new, 6 months and one year!  First year babies will always hold a special place in my heart because I get to watch them grow and I get to know families really well.  I have loved every session with this crew.  We laugh, we play, we talk and I shoot.  This particular February Saturday was beautiful and sunny.  Fill it with a sweet happy family, my new kelbysews heart quilt, a successful smash cake, sunshine and love…well, my friends, you’ve got yourself a session I love!  Hope you enjoy them, too!

Have a great week, friends!!


p.s. my boys are on Spring Break for two weeks (3/3-3/16) so I won’t be quick to answer emails.  So, please be patient and give me a day or two to answer.  ALSO, I am starting a new project today for BGA in Franklin that I can’t wait to share the details about!  Last thing, April 1st….July, August, September bookings open up!  Remember that Saturday’s are limited.  Hope to hear from you guys.

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the geniune article captured and cherished

I have started typing away….backspace….re-typing…backspace.  It’s like I have no idea where to even start this post.  Quite rare.  It’s like I have so much I want to say about THIS session & THIS family, but words aren’t coming out the way I’d hope they would.  So, I am just going to write this….I had a SO-fun session celebrating Emma Cole at 15 months a few Wednesday’s ago.  It was an early session at the Factory in Franklin, but the sun was shining!  The SUN!!!  We haven’t seen it much this year.  But, on this particular day it was shining bright.  I know I am not the only soul who needed it.  Anyway, this particular session was special.  This family always comes into sessions trusting me completely and just letting it flow naturally.  In the past it has taken Emma a bit to get comfortable, but not this time.  Nothing in this world that I want more than the sweet babies to trust me and to have fun during picture time.   I told Amy after the session that this one would be amazing.  Probably her favorite.  It’s easy to capture LOVE & JOY when it’s shining brightly for you to see.

What I didn’t expect is that when I would send the slideshow that Amy would send me the most beautiful words ANYONE has ever sent me after a session.  I cried.  Shared it with my husband.  Cried some more.  This year has been completely different ball game for SRP.  I’ve slowed down tremendously.  My own choice.  But, it’s been different.  Being so busy in the past I never had time to let self-doubt creep in.  Oh, but now…it’s screaming loud in my ear…all of the time.  But, gosh.  When Amy sent this…it was like The Lord told  her to speak to me…. “don’t give up, Sara….keep doing YOU and you will be okay”.  So, Amy…you truly have no idea what your words did to my spirit.  I love this job.  I love capturing LIFE.  And, I pray every single day I get to do it for a very long time for people just like YOU…….

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Kelly B. - Beautiful family, beautiful photos, beautiful love! xoxoxo


It’s okay to be Happy with a Calm Life.

Terry and I have been married for almost 9 years.  Our lives have been in constant motion.  Some times feeling like a roller coaster between moves, jobs, babies, school and following dreams.  Feels INCREDIBLE to finally feel like we can live a Calm Life.  It may mean smaller paychecks, but boy it’s brought bigger memories.

I’m loving this new season.  And, I believe the boys are, too.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend with the ones you love the most.

X’s and O’s, sararose

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be you

Just “Be You”.  Simple and Awesome.  I have found in the few years I have been learning my way around the business side of things while trying to maintain who I am as an artist has had its up and downs.  You will always have critics, but if you can muster up the courage to quiet those critics in your mind AND heart, you will hear those who encourage, support and love you.   THOSE are the people to surround yourself with.  Because at the end of the day those are the ones that help you to believe in yourself.  Those special souls matter.

This post doesn’t have pretty photos, but it does have some inspiration.  Positive words influence me on a daily basis.  If you follow me on Pinterest you know that to be a very true statement.  So, do you need some words that FILL you up?  Words that bring life?  Go here and you will find all you will ever need!

Happiness, Peace and Love.  SR




moms click nashville announcement

Can’t believe we are already announcing our second date for MOMS CLICK NASHVILLE!!  We have been so overwhelmed with the response from our first MOMS CLICK that we decided to host another one during the Summer time.  But, before you grab your spot I wanted to go over a few Q&A’s that I think will help you decide if THIS is the right workshop for you!

Are you a mom, aunt, grandma or sister with a DSLR and you keep that lovely dial on AUTO?  Do those other dials scare you a bit?  When people talk Aperture, Shutter and ISO do you turn away because you have no clue what those mean?  Are you just wanting to learn how to use that fancy camera to take better photos of your family?  If you answered YES to these then ding ding ding…you have reached your destination!

Do you have a DSLR and you understand what the other dials on your camera mean, specifically (M)anual?  You take perfectly exposed photos, but would like to learn editing?  You have big dreams on becoming a professional photographer one day?  If you answered YES to any of these then we recommend you find a workshop focused on those things.  We definitely want you to invest in the right one!

$275 will be due within 24 hours to hold your seat to the workshop.  It is NON-REFUNDABLE.  If an emergency should arise we will gladly transfer your retainer to a future MOMS CLICK NASHVILLE workshop.  **dates are TBD.

If you would like to join our click we’d love to have you!  Only TEN spots available!! Please don’t wait and email us NOW to grab your seat.  You can contact us directly from the CONTACT button at the top of this blog!





light and love

It’s no secret that I am longing for warmer days.  I think we all are.  My brother told me the other day to “enjoy these days, sis…they will be over before you know it”.  He’s right.  So, I am choosing to find joy in these colder days.  I decided to go to the vault and pull a session from last October that I knew made my heart oh so happy.  Sessions with this crew have always done that for me.  See, Brennan was my very first newborn to photograph 4 years ago.  First, y’all!  So I owe a lot to this family.  Jenn was one of the first who believed in me and let me into their hearts to capture LIFE.  Their life.  And, I have been capturing their life ever since.  I am so grateful to this family for sticking by, watching me grow as I’ve watched them grow.  They’ve always trusted me completely and let me do what I do best.  No props.  Just me, my camera, them, light and love.  That’s all I need.  ”Just Be”, right Jenn?

So much I could write.  So much my heart wants to say.  I’ll just leave it at this….  I’m hopeful for warmer days.  And, I pray they are filled with me, my camera, a sweet family, light and love.  Just like this session was that beautiful October day by the Lake.  See you soon sweet Ward Family.  I love you with my whole heart!

Lots of Love, SaraRose



Moms Click

Howdy Friends!

What an absolutely wonderful weekend for Wendy Hardin Photography and Sara E Rose Photography!  Two friends just sitting around months ago dreaming of the day we would hold our very own workshop for Moms.  Moms who have no intentions of becoming professional photographers, but Moms who truly just want to learn their fancy cameras.  Mommas who just want to take GREAT photos of their kiddos.   Mommas who want to move those knobs off of AUTO and onto Manual.  Ladies who want to come sit with a small group of 10 and learn from two MOMS who love photography, love children and love teaching.   We wanted to create a workshop to Pay It Forward.  And, we did!  WE DID, y’all!  Everyone keeps asking “so, how was your first workshop?”.  Guys, it was better than we could have ever expected.  Sure, we have some areas we need to work on, but who doesn’t?  We spent an hour and 45 minutes in the classroom.  We then traveled over to the Farmer’s Market for more shooting.  Wendy’s precious niece joined us.  And, the last half hour we sat in the sunshine in a circle and just talked.  We couldn’t be more proud of our first CLICK.  And, the feedback we have received since it hit social media on Saturday is insane.  We have over two dozen ladies interested in the next one.  We still can’t get over that when we put up the registration for this first one it booked in less than 5 minutes.  All 10 spots were booked and we just looked at each other in awe.  Grateful & Humbled we are.

So, when are we announcing the next date?  THIS WEEK.  Wen and I need to sit down and look at our calendars.  Since we both have already starting booking Summer our dates are limited but we will find one that works.

We are so lucky to have had such a beautiful day and a group like we did for our very first Moms Click Workshop.  We are so very proud of these ladies.  And, look forward to watching them grow and capture life the way they’ve always wanted to.  (taken with an iPhone by our precious 6 year old model, bella….not pictured are Jess & Annie)


To add to our happiness we received this feedback this morning from one of our attendees who traveled in from Chattanooga to attend the workshop ::

“I’m so thankful that Sara and Wendy took the time to share their knowledge and encourage me. The camera that up until Saturday has been used exclusively on auto can now proudly show off:) The most valuable thing I took away from the workshop was the exposure triangle and having a person sit alongside me and step by step teach me so I could figure it out. The knobs and numbers were so overwhelming to me before the workshop. I’m no expert, I know I have tons to learn, but you both provided me with a great grasp of where and how to get started comfortably.

My husband was so impressed with how much I took away from the class. This is exactly what I wanted to take the moment he bought me that camera almost 3 years ago and I’m so grateful you held this workshop. I love your hearts and your honesty with how you presented the factual/technical part and the hands on part was/is invaluable. I cannot say enough how much I appreciated being a part of this and I hope you all found as much joy in it as I did.” – Dannis

If you’d like to be added to our waiting list please feel free to email me or Wendy!

Have a great week, friends!



Lara Craig - Wendy and Sara-

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I received my big fancy camera the night before our son was born a year ago. I had visions of being able to magically take these wonderful photos with my camera, but I wasn’t getting anything better than I did with my old point and shoot. I would read tutorials online and watch YouTube videos, but the words aperture, shutter speed, and ISO made me want to run and hide in the corner. I got discouraged each time and the camera immediately went back on auto. I was so upset that we had spent so much money on a piece of equipment I never used to its full potential.

Well, not anymore!!!! I’m proud to say that my little dial will be stuck on the big “M” forever now! You ladies did a phenomenal job breaking it down for us and explaining it in a way that made complete sense. The hands on practice was incredible. Your immediate feedback on our photos was so helpful and I loved how you helped us work through what we needed to adjust instead of just telling us what to change. Your inner teachers really shined through!

You have given me a gift. I will now have those wonderful, everyday moments captured in a beautiful photograph that I can treasure for the rest of my days. Thank you just doesn’t even cover it. You both have such wonderful hearts and I appreciate you sharing your talents with us.

For anyone considering signing up for a future workshop…DO IT!!!! This is not a replacement for having professional family portraits, but we, unfortunately, cannot have Sara and Wendy with us every day capturing those adorable giggles in the bath tub or their amazement the first time they have snowflakes falling in their hair! I promise you will not regret it.

Thank you again and I am forever grateful!

Love, Lara