i’m so proud of this little girl

‘I’m so proud of this little girl’ the mom wrote me this morning.

For most of my blogs I overwhelm you guys with 100’s of my favorite images. Can you imagine being my client who often times receives more? I have always felt that these sessions are for YOU. I have never been great about narrowing down, but have done a pretty good job of giving way too many. It’s just what I do. I like to tell a story and most stories take some time to build up to the super happy, awesome, quiet, silly….and every thing in between moments. Those ‘in betweens’ are often my favorite anyway.

Before I went to bed last night I noticed Hana posted some of her favorites for friends & family to see. I love seeing which images mean the most. Maybe speak to the mom in some way? Whatever it is, I love it. So, I thought it would be pretty cool to just share ‘mom’s picks’ this blog. I mean, she IS one of my favorite moms ever.

‘I’m so proud of this little girl’ Hana wrote me this morning. But, I am proud of them BOTH.

Have a wonderful & safe holiday weekend, friends. Surround yourself with all the love in the world.




Jill Norris - Beautiful session!!

when i’m with you

But when I’m with you I’m no longer wandering
And when I’m with you, I swear I can breathe
When I’m with you, I know who I am and who I want to be
Who I want to be

If you haven’t heard this Ben Rector song, go listen to it here.  It’s amazing!!  I would put it on every family slideshow if I could!  ahh…..

This family.  This precious amazing family that I have been capturing THEIR LIFE since Luke was brand new.  Gosh, since he was in Kelly’s belly!  I try not to get too sad at the end of a first year because I am hopeful I will see clients (who have become dear friends) again, but it’s hard not to be a little sad when you’ve seen them every 3 months.  You are not only capturing these important milestones, but of real growth within a family.  Children get more comfortable, dads relax, and moms are handed over images of her family the way SHE sees them.  That’s all I ever want to capture, y’all.  And, I tell you what, all of these summer sessions at the lake at sunset are just what my heart needed.  I am loving every single one.

Give me the light.  Show me the love.  And, I will hand you so many images for you to cherish forever.  Can’t wait to see what you do with these, Kelly!  I know you have big plans already and that makes me SO HAPPY!

Beautiful Ella girl.  I loved celebrating YOU at ONE.




I always go back here

I truly believe there are special places that we feel ‘home’.  This spot is that for me.  I love it in all seasons.  I especially love it at sunset.  I love the simplicity.  I love that it has a ‘secret spot’ that isn’t known by many.  I love that it creates magic every single time.  And, I love that we end up by the waters edge.  I feel closest to God in this special spot so maybe that’s why ….I always go back here.

I wrote on my IG yesterday these words : I’ve witnessed many seasons in families lives.  Some beautiful.  Some really really hard.  There are times I get overwhelmed by it all.  Sometimes I feel God pulling me one way but then I feel Him pushing me towards what I’ve always been doing all along.  ‘But, do it THIS way, Sara!’   I’ve always steered my photography business with my heart.  Always have.  Always will.  I love these babies, their momma’s, and families like they were my own.  I will carry your child because I know you need a minute.  I will kiss boo boos, clean dirty feet, take shoes off and put them back on.  I will hug them (and you), I will cry with you, and I will love you with my whole heart.  And, I will pray with and FOR you when life gets hard.  And, sometimes it’s really really hard.  ‘Smile with joy and walk in faith today.  He has got you.’  This precious family knows that mourning can turn into JOY so very well.   I am so grateful to witness and capture the JOY.

Lara wrote : ‘Oh, Sara. I love them. So perfect. I decided to do maternity pictures this time because I wanted to capture the belly, but what you captured is so much bigger, so much more important. It’s the last few moments before our family changes and grows. The giggles, the non stop action, his sweet little heart, that crazy, awesome feeling you have when you get to watch your husband and son and know that they adore everything about each other. We are so excited to meet Carlee, but I’m trying to treasure these last few weeks and now I will have them forever. Thank you, thank you!’

Capturing laughter and life, all because of LOVE.




but the greatest of these is love

I had a 5 year old ask me this week why photographs were so important to me. ‘5 years from now you will be 10, Luca. Five years from now your baby sister will be the age you are today. So, 5 years from today you will get to look back on the first days your baby sister was brought home and you will be able to remember them. You will be able to tell Ana about this fun day while looking through the photos. You will have these beautiful memories to cherish forever, buddy.’ I do it because I love LOVE. I love being a memory maker, but more importantly I love being a memory keeper. It’s never been about getting a set of perfectly posed photos. It’s ALWAYS been about capturing life.

Five years ago I started this journey. F I V E years, y’all. My first newborns ever photographed will be walking into Kindergarten this fall. It’s been a beautiful crazy journey filled with watching families grow. It’s been an amazing journey with clients turning into some of my dearest friends who are my biggest cheerleaders in love, faith, life, and work. They show up when I’ve lost loved ones, hi5 me when things are awesome, and truly let me into their hearts as soon as the camera comes out. What an amazing path God put me on. When I started I didn’t know that five years later I’d be where I am today. Even with all the dreaming and hard work, you just don’t know. But, I am a grateful gal. Always have been. Always will be.

It’s been a year filled with crazy weather. It’s been a year with reschedules like I’ve never experienced before. But, just like all the years before this one, it’s been a year filled with LOVE.

‘And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.’ 1 Corinthians 13.13

You guys have filled my soul.

Here’s to summer and enjoying it as it was intended with the ones I love the most. See y’all soon!!




Tiffany - I am so so glad I happened to stumble across your first mommy and me post and blog. My mommy and me photos are my favorite photos yet! I cannot wait to sift through them with Maggie when she gets older. All of these photos are so beautiful and make me smile. xoxo – Tiff

Janice - LOVE IT ALL!!!! What a great talent to snap the beautiful moments in people’s lives. God bless this sharing of joy with others!!!!

Crystal - Love you, Sara! I LOVE your talent and your heart. You inspire me more than just keeping memories and printing my photos.

Tana Phillips - Your writings make my heart just smile.

Jill - Every session is beautiful and I love seeing all the familiar faces!! xoxo

let love grow

Oh, the stories these sweet families let me be a part of, y’all!  Eryn said ‘I have one thing I want to use and then we can just go play.’ She pulled out a cute sign and I was all ‘Oh, that’s cute…okay…. WAIT.  Does that mean what I think it means?!!!!’.  It’s one of my favorite parts of this job is being a part of a beautiful story that is constantly changing and growing!  I could write a book, but I am just going to let Eryn take the stage and let this beautiful session do the rest!  WHAT A SESSION, guys!!!  Can’t wait to meet BABY.


Words from Eryn : ‘There was never a doubt in my mind that I would fall in love with my pictures from Sara E. Rose! Each session seems to show exactly what that time of life is like for our family. The pictures are all beautiful reminders of this beautiful life I have been given with my sweet little family. This last session was probably one of my favorites, if that is even possible because I love them all! The colors, the background, the smiles on our faces, the way my little baby is now a toddler, everything is so perfect! This session was also very special to us because Avery is becoming a BIG brother in November and Sara captured some of the sweetest pictures of him with his Big Brother sign. He looks so excited in the pictures. My heart is so full to know what is in store during this next chapter for our family. We are so blessed to be a family of 3 with so much love, I can’t possibly imagine the love our family of 4 will share this fall! Looking forward to seeing our next baby’s first year in pictures and seeing the sibling love that our two children will share! The gift Sara gives us with each session is something I will never take for granted and something that I will ALWAYS cherish, for she is capturing my wonderful, beautiful life!!!’


SRP is currently booked through JUNE. But, the good news is that JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER OPEN up for booking on Monday, May 4th!! Saturday’s are limited and will go FAST. Don’t wait!! Hope to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones, too. I’d love to capture YOUR LIFE!


live in the sunshine

I was sitting in the coffee shop with a new ministry team and as we went around the table we were asked a few questions. First, introduce yourself. How’d you find the church? What made you come back? Tell us a little about what you do everyday. After I got done, she said “share your gift with everyone”. At first I was confused. What gift? And, then I thought maybe she was referring to my photography so I quickly answered “I take pictures of children everyday and it’s amazing”. After I left the coffee shop I thought about how it’s so much more than just taking photos of little ones. And, that I WISH I could of answered that question without doubt in my heart. We all have gifts. Every single one of us. Yes, I believe I see things differently than most. Yes, I feel like I feel things differently, too. Sometimes those ‘gifts’ are HARD. So hard. But, you know when it’s beautiful? It’s beautiful and overwhelming in the best way when I get to spend time with a family and capture their love. When I am in the moment I never doubt what I see and what I am able to give back to them. Never. Beautiful reminders of what is most important in this life. I love handing those over. I believe that’s what I’ve been called to do. And, I hope it’s a huge part of who I am for a very long time.  What are your gifts?  I hope you will share them with the world.

This family has spent several hours with me over the years. I remember the first time we met when they were pregnant with Vada. It was magical. “My Girl” was their slideshow song. When they brought Vada home in August and we captured them as a brand new family of three. And, at 3 months we took photos while Vada looked at ornaments that belonged to Shelley’s mom. Then a little while later I got the email they were expecting again and they met me down by the lake to capture life before Addie. Some of my favorite maternity photos happened that evening. Some of my favorite photos always happen with this family. Their beauty is soul deep. The kind of beautiful love that makes you want to wrap your arms around them and never let them go. It’s just easy. Thankful they love, laugh, and just are who they are.  My kind of people.

Shelley wrote : ‘There is absolutely nothing I value more in this life, than the love and togetherness I have in my family. It’s worth so much more than words could ever describe. They are my strength…. They are my weakness…. They are my everything…. Those three have taken me on such a purpose filled adventure, teaching me so much along the way. I am so proud for them to be MY family. I still find myself in awe of them and the blessing I have been given, thru them. I undoubtedly owe Him my thanks. With all my heart, I am honored to be their mom and his wife.’

See what I mean about beauty is soul deep?  Hope you enjoy our latest session as much as we all did!